Heath Ledger Dead at 28

I really liked him in 10 things i hate about you and the Patriot and A knights tale.


Yes very sad, I am really sorry for the loss of this particularly talented man. :frowning:

Oh my gosh… I just heard… I feel awful. I know everyone here might flame me for saying this, but I liked him in Brokeback Mountain. There- I said it. Yes it dealt with controvesial, sinful themes, but so does 95 % of movies out there. Most romance movies deal with premarital sex or extramarital sex. This one did, too… but it wasn’t just about that. Anyway… I will send up prayers for him…

How sad. He was only 28. I had to stop watching the news because there is so much speculation about his death and the news just broke! I have even heard some dr say that Ledger was manic depressive. He might have been but for goodness sake, no one knows at this point.:frowning:

Ditto. :signofcross:

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this on my IP’s homepage, How sad. He was a great actor - I loved him in The Patriot and DH is chomping at the bit to see the new Batman movie, God bless his soul,


This is just tragic, my brother sent me a message on my computer about it, and I just could not believe it, I went to a news website to see if it was true, and it was.

Definately sad news. He was such a talented young actor. May Our Merciful God have mercy on his soul and bring comfort to his family.

A sucker punch to my gut. His searing portrayal in Brokeback Mountain, The Patriot and the clips in the upcoming Batman movie as the Joker were testaments to his acting talent. A true shame.

I was in complete shock when I saw this on the news. I really liked and admired his work, and he seemed like a very good person. What a tragic and untimely loss.
He was so talented. I’ll saw a special prayer for him and his family tonight.

Prayers up for the little girl who will never know her father.

That was a real shock,
good lord the guy was only 28 !!


Too bad. :frowning: I guess fame doesn’t mean happiness.

Loved “A Knight’s Tale”. What a loss to the movie industry. He really was a good actor. Such a shame. I do hope they find it was unintentional. Tragic, nonetheless.

Yeah that’s really bad…he was going places too.
And from the previews it looks like he did an awsome job as the joker in the new batman movie

The police have said that they truely believe his death was an accident and not suicide.

Yes, it does seem as though most people that are investigating or knew him think it was something accidental or medical. I hope his friends & family, especially his little girl do not have to deal with the trauma of suicide. Either way, this is so sad. Prayers for him & his family.

It’s so sad that he died. I’m debating if I should see him in Batman this summer. It would seem morbid to watch a man who died in such a way on the big screen.

It just goes to show you that drug abuse is horrible.

He didn’t commit suicide. He was sick, like I think they said with pneumonia, and you should not mix ambien or sleeping meds when having breathing problems, was most likely what they are zeroing in on.

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