Heather Mac Donald Warns about the Long-Term Effects of #MeToo


Heather Mac Donald Warns about the Long-Term Effects of #MeToo

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Simply Put. #MeToo is the destroyer of a society! Heather McDonald is accurate. The effects may not be felt immediately but it is there and building. Yes, sure, some women may think this is good but long term, everyone loses!

Maybe it’s time for all white males to go on strike. All the white mail truck drivers, the doctors, the police officers, the construction workers, the firefighters, the accountants, the lawyers and judges, the farmers, the airline pilots, (and don’t forget the sewer workers: “Hey, Norton, are you down there?”)

And the roofers in August.

… and all white males not spending any money, not a penny, anywhere. For about six months. Not for cars, not for movie theaters, not for any consumer goods, nor providing their non-working wives or children with funds to spend on consumer goods. Nor airline tickets, nor to amusement parks, nor CD’s, nor Iphones, nor anything else.

If society wants the white male gone, we should remove him from the economic landscape for up to a year. Then let’s see where things go. And of top of that, in the name of diversity, I want to start seeing 50% of all basketball teams being women 4’11" and under. No more discrimination against shorties.


A friend commented:

Heather MacDonald is a truth teller. That takes courage in today’s cultural Marxist environment. My husband, a Math professor, Ph.D. and understood to be one of the top mathematicians in the world, lost his contract (he was to get tenure the following Sept.) at the end of the Vietnam War, because of Affirmative Action. All the letters and resumes I typed and we sent out, were returned with practically the same words: ‘You are acknowledged to be one of the top mathematicians in the world, and you’re rated as an excellent professor, when teaching and with the student comment. However, you are a white male, and with Affirmative Action, we MUST hire using identity markers, NOT MERIT.’

Are you aware that SAT scores for whites and Asians are cut, penalized when students are considered for enrollment? Smart, decent, honest blacks, don’t like this either, but reality is if I go to a professional ________________(fill in the blank) I have to wonder if they actually earned or were given their diplomas. There are schools now, that are dropping math as a graduation requirement, and considering ‘diversity’ hours, instead.
http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/wayne-state-university-drop-math-requirement. All federal taxpayer money should be stopped to any school teaching delusion, lies, ‘studies’ (fake info…based on denial, deceit and delusion), Socialism, anti-Americanism, or pushing identity, cultural Marxist ideologies. Universities are now shamefully , indoctrination centers. Yes, to the students there also. I paid my way, everyone should. Work…that’s what I did.




I’m sure glad that all these angry, straight white males on the internet tell me they are indeed men. If they didn’t, I’d do something taboo and assume that I’m actually dealing with little girls. Although I’m glad as a straight white male, you’ve told me the mature response to dealing with the stupid things Hollywood and feminist bloggers/journalists say is to man up… And not support my stay-at-home wife and kid.


Why do white males feel threatened in today’s society?


#metoo was about women who’ve experienced sexual harassment and assault. So what exactly are you suggesting here?

Also, as a side note, I wanted to make sure your comment about ‘non-working wives’ didn’t include SAHMs, right?


So it’s bad to share your experience of sexual assault because white men? Not really getting the connection.


PLEASE let me go on record here: not all white males agree with the OP - at least one now writing here… #metoo was necessary and will benefit us. Whether there are unintended consequences in society or not, that pendulum will eventually correct itself.


I see where her perspective is. Identity politics exists because we have an issue with diversity. I definitely agree with merit over color and gender. People tend to forget history. There was a time women and persons of color were heavily discriminated and the lack of diversity reflected that. There weren’t always equal opportunities for everyone is the USA. Some people on CAF still deny that.


Where did anyone get the idea that the #MeToo movement is a persecution of males, let alone specifically a persecution of white males?

The point of it was refusing to cover for sexual predators any more just because they preyed on people who were adults in a subordinate position with regards to status or some other position of power or fame or some other privilege.

I do not just mean also calling out men who used their position of power to be inappropriate with other men, although that shouldn’t happen, either. This movement should include calling out women who abuse a position of power in order to make unwanted sexual advances. They are out there. Power and fame does that to people: it goes to their heads. No one ought to have carte blanche to violate the dignity of their underlings, no matter what kind of power they’ve attained in other respects.


I don’t see that at all, either. I see it as more of an propaganda offensive against President Trump which went out of control. People started talking about Weinstein and Spacey and Lauer and Franken, but also non-whites like Cosby and Morgan Freeman too. Of course Trump isn’t like these guys, so it was all for naught with its original goal. Ironically, if it wasn’t for Trump, Weinstein Franken et al would all still be running amok.


No. Not everything used to criticize Donald Trump started with or revolves around Donald Trump.

The 2nd Women’s March took aim at Trump, but accusations that finally touched the formerly impervious Harvey Weinstein is what got the #MeToo movement really going.

What this movement needs is to keep its focus on ending sexual harassment as an abuse of power. No one, young or old or male or female, deserves to endure that. It is an offense against chastity, as well. And honestly? This movement will also help to prevent people from using sexual favors to advance their careers, too. That is far more fair to the people who have more integrity than to do that.

Does this mean that people are going to have to protect themselves from accusation in the way that they have to follow protocols to protect themselves from accusations concerning children after the sexual abuse scandals in the Church? Yes, but not allowing perfectly well-meaning and big-hearted men from taking middle-school boys on camping trips is a small price to pay for keeping sexual predators from pretending to be big-hearted men in order to prey on little boys. It is unfortunate it has to be that way, but the alternative is intolerable rather than just unfortunate. Likewise, having to observe boundaries to prevent sexual harassment beats the alternative, too.


Let me ask you this. Do you think that if Mrs. Clinton had been elected in 2016, Weinstein and Franken and the many others would have ever been pinched for sex harassment?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation. But I just can’t see these people falling without President Trump serving as President. Even Bill Clinton was criticized by the Me Too people.


I think you’re confused.

Now, I know you’re confused!


Sure, I think it still would have happened. The difference is that instead of attributing the momentum of this movement to outrage over Mr. Trump instead of Harvey Weinstein, there would be people wrongly giving credit for the momentum to Mrs. Clinton (as if political ambition hadn’t been her reason for covering for a sexual predator herself all those years).

That is, in the end, why Mr. Trump’s disgusting comments to Billy Bush didn’t bring him down. There were too many people who knew that Mrs. Clinton had covered for her husband in order to keep her own political ambitions alive. She’s right that she didn’t “stand by her man,” though. She would have taken him out with a cast-iron skillet, if he weren’t such a political asset. She was standing by their status in politics and what we can see now were her own personal political ambitions.


I think the reason why the Access Hollywood tapes didn’t bring him down- was mostly due to the fact that NBC and the Bush Family decided to spring it just a few weeks before the election.

It was a dirty trick. The Bushes and the media had this interview- which was from 11 years previously- all along but just decided to reveal it at the last minute.

The electorate felt they were being manipulated and disregarded it.


As a white male, the only change I see from #metoo is that women aren’t putting up with sexual harassment.

But since I don’t sexually harass women, this hasn’t been much of an issue for me.


Does it matter?

If some people are only outraged about sexual harassment because someone they didn’t like got elected, evil deeds are still being brought to the light.


I seriously doubt that.

I’ve only seen people here disagree on the current level of inequality, and whether affirmative action is an appropriate response.


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