Heaven by Randy Alcorn - Honeslty Scriptural?


I have been looking for some good books on Heaven lately but I have specifically been looking for a book that breaks down our understanding of Heaven based upon sacred scripture and church tradition. What I am wanting to avoid are books based on individual near death experiences and/or just an authors opinion, but rather factual teachings on Heaven based on scripture.

I found this book by Randy Alcorn (a very successful American Protestant Author) and from what I have read so far and been able to research, his book appears to be very scriptural based. However I would love to get some opinions on this book from the Catholic perspective. Has anyone read this book and does anyone know if the authors writings are factual and in line with church teaching (as in line as a Protestant writer would be, Ex: I don't expect him to write on purgatory)?

Also, I am very open to any recommendations of other books on Heaven that in line with what I am looking for, based on scripture and church teachings.



I have a book sitting on my shelf that I have not read yet but might be just what you are looking for. Look up Life Everlasting by Fr. Reginal Garrigou-Lagrange, OP. You can find it hosted on the EWTN website, though bear in mind it is a plain-text file without any special formatting. It has five parts: (1) soul immensity in our present life, (2) death and judgment, (3) hell, (4) purgatory, and (5) heaven.



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