Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Would any of you recommend this book for a Catholic? I have just returned to the faith after walking away in my teens. (I’m 37 now).

Anyway, some friends did a bible study (that I participated in)using just the study guides and our bibles last summer. We didn’t actually read the book. These are protestant friends. The funny thing is, this study was one of the many things that sent me back to the Catholic Church. Much of what Randy Alcorn says (from briefly flipping through the book) sounds very Catholic to me, despite the fact that he is theologically trained as a protestant.

I am wondering if this would make a good study for me to compare the similarities and differences between his teaching as a protestant and Catholic Church teachings.

I think that it could greatly influence some of my friends. Especially the pastors wife that ran the study!~ All the talk of “intermediary heaven” sounded a lot to me like pergatory! Of course, you should have seen their reaction when I said that. :wink:

Anyway, the other question I would have is, what book, written from a purely Catholic perspective could I use to compare this book with? Other than the CCC which I would also use.


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