Heaven for the non-Catholic

Most religions believe in some sort of afterlife. Do catholics believe in levels or degrees of Heaven and Hell? and are there different heavens for different religions? :confused:

Heaven, Purgatory, Hell. Most people go to Purgatory first. Saints go directly to Heaven.


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few Catholics told me Jesus § will fry me :eek:

One told hell is created for the person like Prophet Muhammed §. Looks like no heaven for Muslims :frowning:
And yap some Christians told me it’s up to God to decide .

I’m a bit of a liberal Catholic, and I believe that those who do good and/or learn sincerely from their mistakes go to Heaven…

Admittedly, I’ve been told I’d fry for that idea. :rolleyes:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Any Catholic who told you they definitely know that for sure is mispresenting the actual teaching of the church. I’ve had the same accussation flung about here in regards to my wife btw MuslimWoman as she is Orthodox and not Catholic so I am well aware how hurtful it is. I think you are ignorant of what Christians actually believe and often incredibly naive and insular but I certainly don’t think those are reasons you will ‘fry’.

As to the OP and their question -no we do not believe there are lower depths in Hell or higher heights in Heaven. Both seem illogical to me frankly when you think about them for a moment or two. They make a good conceit for Dante to write his works but that is all. Heaven by definition cannot have different levels or it would not be Heaven and the same holds true for Hell.


you mean , Jesus § will fry you with bad Mozlems ?

Muslim Woman, there are fools in all religons - there are Muslims here who have told us Christians will automatically be condemned to the fires of Hell. If you contend that some Catholics are wrong for saying you will automatically go to Hell merely for been Mosleml (and they are wrong for saying that and reflecting their own views not what the Church teaches) then I would contend Muslims who have implied Christians will go to Hell merely for been Christian are equally talking rubbish.

But this is off topic - Madolina are you thinking of Hinduism and Buddhism which both have varying levels of Hell (as does some sects of Islam if I recall rightly) and also varying levels of Heaven dependent on spiritual development. We also do not have a different Heaven for other religions as in our view in the afterlife all people will be Christian whatever they were previously on Earth as they will realise the truth of Christianity which may have been vieled from them by circumstances on Earth.


many ( if not most ) Catholics believe heaven is only for them ? Not even non-Catholic Christians can enter there ?

Uh… not quite. People are always telling me that I’d go to Hell for being liberal and tolerant of others-- thinking, basically. :o


well , teaching of Islam is if anyone takes other deity besides God , then s/he will be in fire.

If I start worshiping Muhammed § , then my salat (prayer ) , zakat (poor due) , fasting will become useless . I will get rewards in this life only . Rewards in hereafter are for those only who worship God alone.

(stage Irish voice turns on) Oh now ye don’t want to be doing that B&B, sure them thinking people is dreadful altogether, they have the place destroyed :smiley: (stage Oirish voice ends)

No Muslim Woman that is not what I meant, my father is the most devout Catholic I know and attends mass daily prays heavily every day, is heavily involved in the local parish and he would be bemused by some of the viewpoints here concerning non-Catholic christians and the harshness of tone used at times.

Only God knows where any of us is going to end up, no-one else can claim that knowledge and that is what the Church teaches.

Maybe I have overlapped and generalized my research.Buddism is one of my topics. But I seem to recall Baptists believeing in ‘greater riches’ for the righteous which implies a differentiation of ‘rewards’.
Also, ‘once saved always saved’ and ‘once your name is in the book’ you will be admitted into the gates of heaven whether or not you are ‘separated’ from God by sin at the time of earthly death.

We believe in one God, one Lord, one Redemption, one Spirit, one Church, one Communion, one General Resurrection, one life and one Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

Thank you Eucharisted…direct and to-the-point. I appreciate the catholic viewpoint. I will continue searching and researching.

And now you know.

And knowing is half the battle!

G.I. JOE!!

So in other words you are upset because some people have said (wrongly) that all Muslim are automitcally condemned to death but are quite happy to to imply it’s ok if Christians go to hell for believing something you think they belief which they have never believed at all. There seems to be a double standard and hypocriscy in your outlook on this.

There are some wonderful Buddhists who sometimes are on CAF who would better answer your question but what I understand from them is that they don’t believe in a “soul” in the sense that Christians do. And they don’t believe in any kind of eternal punishment, eternal being the operative word. They work through their karma and continue toward enlightenment. The worse their karma, the longer it takes (generally).

I’m a former Christian, now an agnostic, and I tend to agree with much of the above Buddhist philosophy. I believe we continue, evolve on merit, to higher stages and eventually enlightenment (whatever that may be).

I was raised Southern Baptist and have two relatives who are ministers in that church and I have never heard anything about different levels of heaven. Of course, there are several brands of Baptists out there, so maybe some do think that way.

Hope that helps a little anyway. :blush:

COBRAAAAAA!! LOL… “Knowing is half the battle…LOL” I used to LOVE that show as a kid. The other day at Target we were shopping and I was in a stuper when I saw ALL of the GI Joe guys were back on the shelves!! Destro, Zartan, Duke, Scarlett, all of them! lol…It was like being in a time warp! lol I miss that stuff. Good times!

Maybe they’re popular again :wink:

True. Just to clarify, purgatory is a temporary stop in preparation for heaven. If you reach purgatory, you are going to heaven eventually.

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