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If someone wants to go to hell but later changes their mind, repents and believes the Gospel, will they go to heaven? Or will God hold that they wanted to go to hell against that? And can it be done many times, for example if someone goes back and forth between being a christian and wanting to go to hell? But they ultimately decide they want to be a Christian and believe the Gospel in the end.

No, If one commits a mortal sin and does not repent before death they will go to hell permenantly.

The damned in hell would like to be free of the pain of hell, but the hate God so much that it is merciful to put them in hell rather in heaven with God.

It can not be done even once.

I meant that if someone repents while here on Earth

I meant if they WANT to go to hell not are actually in hell

If they want to go to hell while here on earth, but if they repent before they die, they can go to heaven.

Thanks! And can that be done multiple times?

If one makes the choice of going to hell, either by committing a mortal sin or by flat out wanting to go, then they can be forgiven. Even if this happens again, if they repent and confess their sin, they will be forgiven.

One must never, however, fall into the sin of presumption, no caring if they sin because they believe they will be forgiven.

Yes. God told us to forgive seven times seventy, which is figurative language for “as much as needed.” Even if they keep doing the same sin over and over. As long as they repent, they can go to heaven. It’s never too late until you’re dead. But that doesn’t mean you should wait as long as possible.

Note also that you have to have true repentance. If you keep committing the same sin over and over, are you truly repentant? Unless it’s a habitual sin that you’re really having a hard time breaking, it’s unlikely.

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Anybody can repent at any time in their lives, up to the last millisecond. That doesn’t automatically guarantee salvation, as you cannot guarantee you have perfect contrition, but

It is best to repent and be baptized, and then to go to confession when you fall after baptism. Anything less than that is likely to result in damnation. (Those are the normal means of salvation that God has given us. He can act outside of them, but we cannot presume He will.)

If a person has a mortal sin on their soul, then they cannot enter Heaven. That is the reality of it. Its a frightening reality, given the abundance of mortal sin in our society, but that should spur us on to greater holiness. Along with mortal sin, each venial sin is still a rejection of God. While they do not cut us off, cumulatively they can still result in damnation.

If you have truly desired to go to Hell in your life, I urge you to return to God. Hell is beyond the worst things we can imagine, and it is unending. Each second is more agonizing than the last.

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