Heaven is for real

Anybody read “Heaven is for real”? What is your opinion? I want it but I don’t know if it is Ok with our faith

Is that about the young boy who experienced clinical death?

Yes. Is it good?

I recommend you get a copy of A Still, Small Voice: A Practical Guide on Reported Revelations by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel. It sets down some very practical rules to help anyone sort through all the personal revelations that have appeared over the years.


Read this book before you read “Heaven is for real”. Then you can decide for yourself if the information in it is believable or not.

Heaven is for Real is a great book from any standpoint. One family’s pilgrimage through personal tragedy culminating in the near-death of their child is documented. The little guy started talking about Jesus, and His “markers” he saw on His hands and feet would be beautiful if this was fiction, but as non-fiction is stupendous. Mother Mary praying before the throne of God…What’s not to love? John the Baptist as a really nice guy…It’s all in the family. You will enjoy this book, a wonderful link uniting non-Catholics and Catholic teaching and praxis as consonant with what and who is really in Heaven.

Well said. I read the book and found it very interesting. The matter of near death experiences has been confirmed by many, including nurses, doctors, religious, etc. It stands to reason that Our Lord would want to be revealed to His beloved children in such a beautiful manner.

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