Heaven on Earth in the Ordinary Form

Our new rector arrived and celebrated daily Mass with us for the first time yesterday (and again today). It was amazing, uplifting, holy, even transcendental. He sang most of his prayers, and led us in singing ours. We sang the Kyrie in Greek, the Sanctus, Our Father, and Agnus Dei in English. Every single action and word of his was by the book, yet not mechanical or forced. He took appropriate pauses for silent reflection and prayer. He gave us a barn-burner homily, teaching us how the readings from Isaiah set the stage for the Gospel readings and showing us how they apply to today’s life.

Father was totally focused on and reverent toward the Eucharist. The love and awe in his eyes and body language at the elevation was a sight to see.

We just floated out of the Mass. :extrahappy: Our 7 a.m. daily Mass crowd is a mixture of working and retired folks–and I’ve never seen them as animated or chatty as after Mass. All told, 33 minutes.

Wow, that sounds really special. :slight_smile:

sounds wonderful

i like how our new priest conducts mass. he chants most of the prayers. but i still like our former priest for his homilies, which are top notch. he tackles all readings, disects them, and his approach is very academic. he has spent time and money to go overseas to study, and the wealth of that knowledge is passed on to us. sadly a lot of people don’t like his sermons for being too long. but i love them. 2 sundays already since he’s been reassigned, sigh…

And yet more proof that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Ordinary Form. It can be done beautifully, or abominably.

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