Heaven on Earth


I feel like my life is going to be fantastic in a few years, but what’s the right thing to do if my life becomes that great? I think it would be a little unfair to others who suffer all their lives.


If you fear losing solidarity with the poor, you can fast or something.


Of course it’s unfair but that’s how life is - some have better lives than others. One thing to always remember (actually two):

#1 Keep the less fortunate in your prayers.
#2 Try and give something back - volunteer in your local homeless shelter, give to charity, etc. If you can’t donate money to help those less fortunate than yourself then at least donate your time.

It’s a shame when someone rests on their laurels and doesn’t help out those in need.

Just a few suggestions. :slight_smile:


I recommend you read A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation, by St. Thomas More, written by him in the Tower of London while awaiting execution. It is lucid, highly readable and excellent, and contains lengthy discussion of this very issue.

P.S. Get the one edited by Mary Gottschalk.


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