Heaven on Earth?

Is the Eucharist Heaven on Earth? I don’t see how it could not be. If the very being of God is here appearing as bread and if God is in Heaven then the Eucharist must literally be Heaven here and now on earth.

You’re right. That’s why the Orthodox and the Eastern Catholic rites have the icon screen, because it represents traveling between Earth ad Heaven. It’s also why some people have problems being Extraordinary Ministers, because they feel that they should be traveling towards Heaven (towards the Sactuary and the Priest giving the Host) than giving the Host. It’s also a good mindset to have, that you are traveling towards Heaven as you are going to recieve the Eucharist. It is a taste of what is to come when we are in Heaven.

So your theology is really good. I might not call it Heaven on Earth, but your theology is still really good.

G-d Bless

Absolutely, like we cannot imagine !!!
Do yourself a huge favor and read the book by Vinney Flynn: “Seven Secrets of the Eucharist” . Might sound like a corny title, but…
I have read MANY books on the Faith. This is in my Top 3, maybe even #1 !

Yes, it is heaven on Earth, but the difference is that He is not manifested for all to see in full glory – it requires the eyes of faith. In actual heaven, His majesty is acknowledged by all.

Yes, right on !

It IS Heaven on earth…

Jesus is present in His Gloriied form in the Eucharist.
You cannot divide the Trinity, so wherever Jesus is present, the Father and Holy Spirit are also there.
And wherever the Trinity is, there is the whole heavenly host, angels, saints, Our Lady.
Tho our eyes cannot see it, they are all present in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

this from From Saint Francis of Assisi:
Let humanity kneel in fear, let the whole universe tremble, and let heaven rejoice when Christ the Son of the Living God is on the altar in the hands of the priest!

O wonderful ascent, O stupendous ascent! O sublime humility! O humble sublimity, that the Lord of the Universe, God and Son of God, should humbly hide himself, for our salvation, in what seems to be only a small piece of bread! Look, then, upon the humility of God! And pour out your hearts before Him. Humble yourselves that He might exalt you. Hold back nothing of yourselves for yourselves, that He may receive your all who gave His all for you!

Thank you all for the wonderful answers.

Now that we have touched on the intimately personal perspectives of redemption and salvation through sacrifice, what are people’s views about the “healing of the nations” mentioned in Revelation chapter 22. --or is the “Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven” just for personal salvation, and not the entire bio-sphere?:o

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Please check out that book I mentioned in post #3 above, you will be glad you did !

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