Heaven or Hell???

We may not know when God will say to us: Your time is up…

Question: Do we know where we are going to ----- heaven or hell?

Just remember the 7 Capital Sins:

  1. Pride
  2. Lust
  3. Avarice
  4. Anger
  5. Sloth
  6. Envy
  7. Gluttony

If I’m going to heaven, I realize that it is 100% by the grace of God.

I love God, so I try to be obedient to his commandments.

Because I’m human, I fail fairly often despite my love for Him.

When I do, I confess and repent. God is merciful.

I try again because I love Him.

God bless,

I have hope to go to purgatory. Due to my sinfulness…there is no way that I would go straight up unless I was a martyer.

I think all of us will have to undergo some form of purification - of making ready for life in Heaven - and as such we will all pass through Purgatory as our preparation. We shouldn’t rely upon it - if our relationship with God remains broken by sin we can stubbornly walk ourselves right into Hell.

Confess and repent today. Don’t wait. As Catholics we are taught to surrender ourselves to the Lord, to die to ourselves daily and let Christ live in us. Let go, prayerfully, of what binds you. Turn the Lord.


Thank you for your post. I think it “woke me up.” :slight_smile:

Several months ago, I had a big reawakening of my faith when pondering a similar question. Admittedly, fear of Hell is kind of a low-level motivation for faith, but a valid one. Since then, it has grown into a true love for God.

In any case, I’m enjoying reading this thread.

God bless,

I know that I deserve hell, I know that Christ merited heaven for me. Only confident hope keeps me going. :shrug:

Thanks for your responses. Actually I am humbled by your straight-from-the-heart comments.

I see myself also from your comments…Hope to hear from others…

This is something about which I often think. I do not know where I will end up, mainly because there are a few things in the Catholic faith which I do not agree with in my heart and mind - not because I am prideful, but because I just don’t understand some beliefs. Even though I do not always act against Church teaching, because of these disconnects, I no longer receive communion which I know isn’t good.

I know that I cannot lie to God so when I pray, I ask for understanding, but I have not reconciled everything yet. Heaven is still my goal, so I do my best to be a good Catholic in the charitable sense. I love volunteering and helping others as much as I can.I try to be kind and loving to everyone I meet, although sometimes I fail. I know God understands my soul and knows I am not a bad person, so I am hoping that counts for something!

I appreciate your post Daisy…God loves an honest person. I believe a priest can help you on that. Tnx.


daisy jones, your honesty is appreciated.

Even if we have certainty of our personal salvation - as some of my Protestant friends argue - it strikes me as being more Christian to receive it humbly and in such a way that you could never take it for granted. Because we cannot know we must always be humble and obedient to God, striving to increase ourselves in Christ at every moment.

As for your difficulties with the Catholic Church, daisy, I would encourage you to Confess - and not just in a Confessional but find a priest or a lay minister with whom you could talk. A spiritual mentor, someone to help you. Doubt is not bad provided it prompts you to investigate - but it can be lethal if it is allowed to spread, ie “if there’s no A, is there a B?”

If we have no doubts, we have an immature faith. If your doubt is sincere, especially if there is doctrine that defies your understanding so that you struggle in giving assent of Will because assent of Mind is incomplete, I don’t think that a sin necessarily. It’s far different from doubt that is entered into purposefully, as out of rebellion against the authority of the Church or, worse, to defy the Trinity altogether.

Personally I have profound difficulty with some doctrine - particularly on Mary (as you can see if you go back about four months in my history), and it is all I can do to pray on it and approach as best I understand. I have confessed my doubts on a number of occasions, and at no point was I told I cannot receive the Eucharist unless I embrace against my understanding, but rather that I must prayerfully approach and offer up my doubts. The Absolution given was not conditional - and my Confessor even gave Anima Christi and Scripture as penance, rather than a decade of the Rosary, knowing my difficulty with Marian doctrine.

If your life is full of charity then your faith is no less adequate than any of ours - the faith without works is dead but the faith that is fed by works can only grow. Keep your heart on Christ and your hands on doing His work and comfort yourself that not every citizen of Heaven is a theologian - nor for that matter is every theologian a citizen of Heaven.

Maybe you could just ignore these idiots and think for yourself.

Good question. Sometimes I get mad at God and I tell Him about it. Then I worry is that so disrespectful and should I not do it? I did confess it once, and was told not to be mad at God. While I can understand that, what should I do when it happens besides tell Him about it? I don’t stay mad for long. I feel like I have to just tell Him why im so mad so that we can “talk” about it. Afterward I always cry and then feel better. But I still think about what the priest said and wonder if God thinks the same thing.

Making any sense?

That sounds like many healthy marriages. If we can describe our faith as a relationship with God, part of that at lest must be two-way and that means honesty requires us to admit when we are angry.

I think the sin would not be so much to feel anger at God for something, but rather to allow that anger to fester, or to stubbornly persist in it especially if the desire is to use that anger to do something against God. Anger is part of being human (and, truthfully, something to be feared in the Divine) - but so is forgiveness. Let your anger be quickly followed by forgiveness - in the sense of letting it go and seeking to restore peace with Him. Obviously we can’t forgive God in any way close to how He forgives us, but we can let go of the anger and if telling God is part of that letting go, then do so respectfully and lovingly.

I don’t know if I’d put it quite the same way, but I think I kind of get what you’re saying and I might feel somewhat similar at times. When something happens that isn’t pleasant or doesn’t go my way, I used to get angry and think/say “Why is God doing this to me?”

After reading a little about suffering and the purpose of suffering, I changed my attitude a little. Now I think/say “God, I don’t understand why this is happening, but I trust you.” I didn’t always trust, but the more I trust in Him, while doing what I feel I’m being called to do - e.g. work hard, love others, pay my bills, etc.- the less stress I have.

Also, with regard to our relationship with God, I do think it is good to be honest with him - lying to Him is fairly useless in any case - but I also consider that our relationship is one of Lord/servant or perhaps Father/child so due respect is always important in my opinion.

God bless,

Well, that’s exactly it: being honest with Him. I tell Him I don’t get it, why is He not listening to me, that sort of thing, and I picture myself as a child coming to my Father. I am terribly honest about whatever it is that I feel, even if I know it’s unreasonable. In fact, I will tell Him-I feel like you’re just ignoring me-where are you? But then say, I know I just don’t understand, but this is how I was feeling. Since He already knows how I’m feeling and all of my unreasonable thoughts, I figure it doesn’t hurt to just get it out on the table so that I might hear a response from Him.

You know, maybe angry isn’t even quite the right word. Whiney and demanding might be more to the point. Like a kid saying, “Waaa! I want that TOY! Why can’t I have it!!!” But telling God about my little problems with understanding and knowing His will does truly seem to help me put things in perspective, I just hope it doesn’t actually offend Him. When the priest told me not be angry with God, I understood what he was telling me, but there just wasn’t enough time in the confessional to have a decent chat about it.

I think I know where you’re coming from. Sometimes, when things happen in my life, I feel like a little child who doesn’t quite know what’s going on. Spiritually, I feel like a little child. I’m pretty sure it’s not an uncommon feeling people have.

Regarding offending Him, we often do things that hurt the people we love. They still love us though…God, being loving and merciful, is offended by all sin, but can forgive anything if we are truly sorry and repentant. Don’t know if I’m responding properly, but just thought I’d share my understanding - little as it is - of things.

God bless,

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