Why do people who have near death experiences sometimes not see Jesus but instead see Budha and others in heaven?


Because they don’t know what they see.

(BTW: It is not sure if near dead experiences are really a supernatural phenomenon).


Remember, at the moment of death ‘time’ ceases to exist. What the person would have continued to see, or also see, in Heaven, beyond what he remembers after a ‘return from death’ is thus not known. Especially since most of us are not in sufficient grace at our death to see Jesus ‘face-to-face’, it is not surprising that we might ‘see’ others in ‘preparation’ before we see Jesus, and that even if that preparation took ‘hours’ to tell about upon one’s return from a near-death experience, it would not take ‘hours’ in heaven; therefore the teaching that we see Jesus in judgment ‘at the moment of death’ can still be quite true. Again, since these people ‘return’, they have not had their judgment yet. “For it is appointed to man to die once, and then the judgment.” God isn’t going to greet us, judge us worthy of heaven, or purgatory, or even hear us condemn ourselves to hell, and then blithely dismiss us with “Fooled you–back you go”.


Because they aren’t spiritual experiences.

Another question you could ask is, why do NDE’s vary so much in terms of content and spiritual realms and figures ?
Because of this, and other scientific reasons, they are not to be trusted. NDE’s are very, very natural.

Even Penn & Teller Debunked this one. I’ll paraphrase what they said because the information is very consice.

During Centrifuge tests, when pilots are spun around at a force of 9G’s (Geforce), The blood drains from their head, to their lower extremities, and, as a result, many black out. Guess what they say happens when they’re unconcious. Most of the pilots describe what we know as Near Death Experiences. They range from floating through space, to meeting Jesus, to living in a ghost world, etc.

The point is, it is described as how the mind handles a threatening situation it has next to no control over.

Hopefully this brief explanation can clear up any of your doubts.


that helps Johny!


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