If you got to heaven and there were Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Taoist, Buddhist, and Jews how would you feel?

I imagine there will be plenty of them, in the sense that they were members of these religions on earth.

TRH, It seems you have a firm grasp of Christian and Catholic fundamentals of the Truth so you see the Truth in other disciplines as well. You are blessed, may the Truth guide you on your journey as Christ walks with you.

I would feel happy (especially that actually I got into Heaven). Even if someone doesn’t belong to the True faith they can still be a good, devout person. I would especially expect to see many Buddhists, they’re so peaceful, faithful and disciplined. :slight_smile:


Can one imagine the awe and joy when nonChristians behold our Lord, Jesus?

I would expect to see some from all religions, For does not God harvest where He has not sown?

In what sense does membership of these religions gain access to heaven?

In no sense.

Membership in religion gives NO ONE access to heaven…not even being a Christian.

To the larger question, I fully expect for there to be many non-Christians (especially Jews) in heaven.

What do you mean by “in the sense they were members of these religions on earth”

Glad I was in Heaven!

Do you think we will feel anything less than joy in Heaven? Will there be room for earthly emotions, let alone surprise and concern at others’ destination?

It’s not an ‘exclusive VIP party’ that we are invited to, and arrive to find, with surprise and/or disappointment, that the people we might consider out of place are there. It doesn’t lessen my Heaven to have anyone else there. If I were the only one there, or the first or the last one there, the joy of Heaven will be the same…we are with our Lord!

I mean some people who were Muslims or Buddhists on earth will probably be in heaven.

Fine because I expect to see many people there who were judged to be righteous in God’s despite the fact that they were not in formal communion with the Catholic Church during their lifetimes.

However, they will no longer be “Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Taoist, Buddhist, and Jews”, of course.

Whoever is saved is saved through the Church. That means if there are Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Taoist, Buddhist, and Jews they are saved by their merits through Christ. So if they are Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Taoist, Buddhist, and Jews they are no longer those once they behold the majesty of our Lord.

The saints have told us there will be all kinds of people in heaven that we’ll be really surprised to see there!

The same way I would feel if I saw any other Catholic. I would greet them happily with open arms.

I would believe that I was in the wrong place!

We should feel happy, one…that we are in heaven…two…that they are!

If I were worthy of heaven, I’d only feel joy at that. If I felt anything less, I’d probably need to go back to purgatory a while longer!

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