My grandson and I were discussing Satan. He asked me if Satan had been an angel in Heaven how could he become evil since Heaven is supposed to be only love and joy. He then asked if an angel in Heaven could choose to go against God, will we also have that choice when we are in Heaven. I had no answer for that. I also did not know Angels had been given a free will since they are spirits.
So, to pose the real question - when we are in Heaven can we also “choose” to rebel against God as did Lucifer?
I would like to be able to give my grandson an answer to help us both understand. Thank you.

Angels have free will, just like us; they too had to pass a test, like Adam and Eve. No one knows what the test was exactly, but it is believed that about 1/3 of the angels rebelled and were cast out of heaven; Satan, one of the best and brightest of the Angels, was the leader of that gang. The Angels had one test and their place in heaven (or not) is set for all eternity. Mankind is of a lower nature than angels and we are given the opportunity to choose God (or not) by the way we live our lives here in this world. We can repent and return to God during our lifetime (more than once if needed) but the angles had only one chance. Immediately after death we experience the Particular Judgement and our place in heaven (or not) will also be set for eternity.

The simple answer is that the demons did not possess the beatific vision at the moment of their creation and so were never in heaven. St Thomas explains that the angels, at the moment of their creation, had one act to make: a choice for, or against God. The good angels then went to beatitude, and the bad to damnation. Your grandchild is absolutely correct: no creature in heaven could fall into hell, since the beatific vision is the end of our choices in that respect. But Satan and the fallen angels never possessed, and never will possess, the beatific vision and their rebellion occurred outside that heavenly context.

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