Heavenly remark by an Athiest

I was talking to my Muslim friend who owns a Cellphone shop and I sometimes spend time with him during my lunch breaks. While chatting a customer showed up who bought an item and I noticed she had a crucifix necklace so I asked which Parish. We had a small conversation; as she went off, my Muslim friend asked me how come so many Catholic customers that he had were patient kind friendly and considerate (he had his share of difficult customers!).

Before I could give some sort of comment, there was another lady looking on who I know, who she calls herself “free thinker” Non-religious;non believer (She supplies phone products to my friend) quickly responded “Maybe because they have the same Father?”:angel1:

That really made my day! I’m puzzled how a non-believer could make this kind of connection but anyway just thought of sharing this. :slight_smile:


I enjoyed that story!

Shalom MJ;

What a beautiful thing to say. It’s been my experience that many atheists, though outwardly against religion, are more men/women of G-d than they would like to admit.

They believe in, and value, much of the same qualities we talmidim Ha Yeshua hold true ( freedom, human rights, equality, love, respect, etc ), but call it by different names.

Perhaps G-d is working in her life more than she realizes.

Thanks for sharing,

Shalom Aleichem

Great! I just couldn’t keep my joy bottled up. I enjoyed sharing it:D


My pleasure. Shalom to you too.


Actually, in every “atheist” there is always a glimmer of belief that there is the God. There is no true & true atheist. On many occasions you hear exclamations such as “oh my God” from atheists.

I did like that story!!

As grumpy, cantankerous and agressive as some of the very popular athiests are, I do like them. They’re searching for the truth, they’re demanding proof, constantly challenging ideas. I think God has a special place in his heart for atheists.

Deep down they’re just frustrated theologians, they just haven’t reached the point where they realise the answer is God, and that answer of course will start a whole new journey of searching.

Great post! I have one of those as friends. Cantankerous when I intentionally talk a bit of theology. :stuck_out_tongue:

This, is beautiful. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: What a lovely story!

What a charitable view to have! I do respect atheists, but fall short sometimes on being kind in my views towards them.:frowning: I will try to keep your thought in mind from now on, when I encounter them.

Thanks vera dicere!


In other words she knows a little about Christianity. :wink:

Oh, I love this! What a great response! :smiley:

May all the world’s atheists find that which they truly are searching for (though they won’t admit it yet): God, and all the love, peace, and salvation He offers.

Not all atheists are jerks. And studying world religions is a big pastime for most :slight_smile:

Funny. :smiley:

I didn’t get to the part about how my Muslim friend reacted. Want to know, PM me. :cool:


I have to admit that when I was agnostic, I sure did spend an inordinate thinking about a god that may or may not exist. To my joyful delight, this is how eventually God found me.

Using colloquialisms is not proof that there is always a glimmer of belief in every atheist. I also disagree with your assertion that there is no true and true atheist. That’s a ridiculous blanket statement that isn’t provable.

I’ve met alot of very decent, friendly Atheists. Catholics, on the other hand…:rolleyes: Let’s just say they make themselves look bad. And, no, I’m not just saying that!

Oh my God is a popular expression, it has nothing to do with an assertion of faith, unfortunately. I hear people saying “F***!”, too, and they don’t worship that! As for the “true and true”…hmm. In my opinion, this is a false statement. I don’t know which atheists you’ve talked to, but they don’t really believe in anything. In fact, that is the principle of an atheist. No God. :wink: Maybe in some secret part of them, they are hunting for a “Greater Force”, but they do not believe in any religion, not just Catholicism.
(Correct me if I’m wrong, non-believers.) :slight_smile:

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