Heavy bleeding - IUD?


Hello everyone,

I am in need of advice to help my wife. She has really bad, heavy menstrual periods that last for 9 days. As a result, she is iron deficient, tired, and pretty much just feels lousy most of the month. Her doctor has recommended an IUD to help her with this problem. Are there any women out there with a similar problem that have found a solution that does not involve an abortifacient? Any alternative solutions you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless!!


Is this a recent change from her normal cycle? (postpartum return of fertility?)...
Or something she's been dealing with her entire adult life?

Consider seeing a specialist - like a Reproductive Endocrinologist - who can run more in-depth tests to find the root cause for why she's having the excessive bleeding...

Actually, I'm surprised a doctor would suggest an IUD for those symptoms, because from what I've heard, women tend to bleed a lot more than normal at first after it's inserted... :shrug:


I was iron deficient when I was in my early 20's. Then I tried iron supplements for a short time. After that stopped working, I went for iron infusions at my hemotologist's office.

I haven't been deficient since. Give that a try. Good luck.


I STRONGLY suggest she contact the John Paul Institute: popepaulvi.com/

Using and IUD can cause the abortion of a pregnancy. There are many ways to treat heavy periods aside from the easy solutions that many doctors choose such as IUD and the pill. Contact the Institute - they will ensure that you remain in good standing with the teaching of the Catholic Church while treating your wife’s illness.

Also - be very careful - we are not allowed to seek medical advice on the forum. Your thread may be deleted.



I am not a doctor, but an IUD is a rather odd suggestion…

Usually in cases like these, especially if you are following church law, there are low-hormone birth control pills you can take that will help regulate and lessen bleeding with a absolute minimal (if at all) chance of preventing implantation should fertilisation occur (and I’m gunna head off the comments at the pass. THREE doctors have told me this, and I trust them). Remember, you can ONLY use hormonal treatments that cause sterility if it is the only real viable option of treatment for you. The church DOES allow it in these cases. It’d be best if the doctor can find out exactly why she is having such horrible periods and try to treat that. In some cases though, it’s not really treatable unless you want to gamble fertility. THis is just my experience though. I am not a doctor. LOL


It's against forum rules to give specific medical advice here. Not only does it feed lawyers, its a bad idea in general.

But the general advice about looking up a licensed doctor affiliated with the Paul VI center seems like a GREAT idea to me. Too many doctors today seem to be satisfied prescribing a pill or similar symptom treatment instead of figuring out what is actually broken and fixing it.


Thank you to all who responded. Liza, thank you for the link to the Pope Paul VI Institute. That's probably an excellent place to start. I am not looking for medical advice, rather where to go to get it in this situation. Thanks!


Too late to edit it, but I was going to reccomend checking out a catholic doctor in your area (every town usually has a few) or check out the JPII institute as others have said. :o


I have heard this, my own doctor has recommended that I have a Murena IUD placed as it stops the periods altogether for a great deal of women, however, this is not a gurantee and, in fact, some women bleed MORE.

I had an appointment scheduled to have one placed and just a week before I returned to the Catholic Church after an 11 year absence so I postponed the appointment.

My concern is if I had sex then I could be adding an “abortion” to the mix because IUD’s are stop implantation of the fertilized egg in some cases. I do not INTEND to have sex as I am trying very hard to live a holy life but I just am afraid to add that to what would already be a bad decision.

It sounds like there may be valid reasons to use an IUD but I wonder if you are both having sex, this would not stop conception and would, in effect, be an abortion of a conceived child. I wish you the best in your decision and will be praying for you.


I’m one for starting simple and non-invasive. I prefer to start with the dietetic solutions first, which is a possible cause of any type of deficiency. Start with a doctor that is an expert on nutritional matters and go from there.

I should also add that my ex had a type of internal bleeding that was caused by a particular nutritional deficiency. She had seen several doctors that kept recommending tests and more and more invasive procedures to no avail. I told her to see and osteopath, and she was cured the day after the test results came back.


It couldn’t hurt to work on the iron deficiency first, and see which symptoms are relieved. I had low iron for a while, and it absolutely affected by energy levels and mood. Iron supplements are a place to start, though eating iron-rich foods are absorbed more easily. Steak, spinach, liver (pate and liverwurst) for instance.


DO NOT USE A IUD! I almost died from having one and it is an abortion device "which I didn't know at the time" and it almost killed me and made me suffer a devasting miscarriage I would recommend taking false unicorn root and red clover or red raspberry leaf to help her bleeding or consult an herbalist as I don't trust obgyns they'll just put her on hormonal bc which is dangerous as well I feel bad for your wife though that sounds very inconvenient


I've had my doc make the same suggestion. The rationale is that the IUD delivers the medication with less likelihood of the side-effects that can come from delivering the drug systemically.

I think doctors want to go to the silver bullet first, because relatively few patients have a moral issue with using an IUD under these circumstances and a lot of patients do not want to work their way through other options. This is the gist I got talking to my own physician. Even if the contraceptive issue were not there, though, I would not be comfortable with the possibility of perforation. The ob/gyns see the problem as unlikely; the emergency medicine people seem to be more against them, presumably because they see only the perforations and not the people who had no problem. Kind of like motorcycles, I guess. I know far more emergency medicine people, so it is unlikely I will ever have either an IUD or a motorcycle.

I decided that the side-effects of the hormone included all the things I hate about my period, and since endometriosis and cancer were ruled out, I decided to live with the symptoms for awhile longer, because I got checked out before my symptoms had taken quite the toll that your wife has had to undergo. It happens that mine resolved on their own.

If that had not happened, I would have started with other possible treatments and gone with the option that had the unintended side-effect of contraception as a last resort. Certainly I'd leave the one with the small chance of perforation as the very last resort. As others have suggested, the iron-deficiency can be addressed as its own issue. Still, from experience I also understand that the fact of enduring heavy bleeding is tiring all by itself, even when it does not bring the iron levels down. IOW, if she feels that the tiredness is not just about the iron deficiency, I can say my experience is the same.

That is my experience only.* It is very important that she make her decision based on what doctors tell her about her condition.* I'm only chiming in to give an example of someone in similar circumstances that she can decide is similar to her,* if she sees fit*. Her condition could be exactly like mine on paper, and yet her sense of it could be very different. Her sense of it is very important, too.

If the IUD is what she is stuck with in the end, she should not punish herself about having to take on an unintended side-effect, even if her private sentiment is that she would rather not have any more children. If she would make the same choice even if she very much did want to have children, then she can let that side of the equation go. You may have to treat the problem, if it is affecting your ability to serve in the other capacities to which you are called, even if it precludes the capacity you would choose for yourself. Whatver else she does, try to talk her out of Catch-22 self-doubts. Rather, let her do the best she can, and encourage her to have peace that it is the best she knows to do with the information she has found after seeking in good faith. That is all God ever asks.


[quote="embwt, post:1, topic:182851"]
Hello everyone,

I am in need of advice to help my wife. She has really bad, heavy menstrual periods that last for 9 days. As a result, she is iron deficient, tired, and pretty much just feels lousy most of the month. Her doctor has recommended an IUD to help her with this problem. Are there any women out there with a similar problem that have found a solution that does not involve an abortifacient? Any alternative solutions you could suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless!!


I had the same problem. I still do occasionally, but for me I have found that chiropractic care has helped me immensely! I didn't expect this added bonus either when I started seeing the chiropractor every two weeks. Initially I went in for pain and went through 6 weeks seeing him three times a week. In that time, I had two periods. The first one seemed less than what my normal was, but the second one clinched it.

I am a big believer now. I see him every two weeks without fail. I was having hives with each period as well and those have stopped. He has also suggested supplements such as fish oil and daily vitamins. The vitamins are especially for women, and they're pretty spendy. But it is working and I don't want to jinx it by not following what he has suggested.

I am convinced that God directed me to seek this out because I was on the verge of having a procedure done that would have stopped my periods completely.

Please suggest this to your wife! If she wants to talk to someone about it I would be happy to correspond with her as well.



it is against forum rules to solicit or offer medical advice but many answers can be found in the usual way
here are the side effects for Mirena, and they are dire
read especially the info for professionals

of all possible medical solutions to heavy bleeding this may be the worse choice

you did not ask about morality but by itself any contraceptive medication or device is not sinful if its use is to treat a disease or condition, but you should get the advice of your own priest, as well as at least a second medical opinion.

you did ask about the experience of other women, which we can share, and mine says a doctor who treats symptoms by drugs or devices with as many side effects as those associated with all forms of ABC, without trying to find a root cause and diagnosis of the problem, is not a doctor I want treating my wife.


Has her thyroid levels been checked? You described symptoms that come with that. From what I understand, doctors are still reluctant to do anything about thyroid levels that are near the top or bottom “normal” levels and maybe her doctor is ignoring that aspect. Endocrinologists will deal with it and if her menstruation is that messed up and she is that tired … you should have her look into it.


OP... your wife should have a complete medical exam.

The reason for the suggestion of the IUD, is because it gives off a bit of progesterone. Which is needed for the body to stop producing excess uterine lining... progesterone is also something that support PG... but and IUD obviously does not.

My doctor suggested the same thing. After a complete med. exam, and yes, I too was extremely low in iron... and my thyroid was also out of wack. my hormone problems have been the first issue... thyroid secondary... as a correction in thyroid does not correct the hormone issues at all..

MY SOLUTION was to go on a cyle of progesterone, at the time the body is SUPPOSED to make it. I also know that WHEN I'm supposed to make progesterone I don't. Very low amts. during the time of cycle it should be peaking...

SOOOOOO... sorry for tmi. I start my period Monday. counting that as day one. Count 14 days... and the 3rd Monday for another 14 days, I take a low dose of projesterone. I would rather, bioidentical... but that's another issue. My last pill is on Sunday the 28th day... and I start my period Monday morning...

Now, I'm 40, and I'm perimeno.... we have a lot of fertility issues. So the likelyhood of getting PG during any of this is quite low. If this is a route to consider, it will be important to have a solid understanding of what may interfere with PG, and how to watch for PG, so you don't accidently drop progesterone support should you need it.

This all has helped me HUGELY!!!!!!

So, do your research, and TELL your doc. (her doc) that an IUD is not an option. And quite honestly, you don't even have to play the Catholic Card... you say... I don't want a foreign object in my body. PERIOD! Pick something else!


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