Heavy Metal Catholic?

hi there. i am new here and am going to be asking a lot of questions. this is probably the most negative i will ask,

but i listen to heavy metal of almost all types. is that bad?

some of the metal i listen to has other religions’ themes, but i am not tempted to worship satan, odin, etc. i have never wanted to drink, do drugs, watch porn or do anything that will make me self destruct or hurt others… all that. it seems that every page i have read about people listen to metal is saying that it is a problem to listen to metal when i am being destructive.

is there anything wrong with it? i don’t feel like hurting anyone or myself. sometimes listening to non-catholic metal reminds me how simple (not so demanding and rediculous as other false gods??) and awesome jesus is. i feel like satanic death metal makes satan seem super weak and like a weird dude if that makes sense? he just isn’t someone i’d waste my time worshipping. his rules don’t make sense and why does he have to destroy everything to make himself look great??? pathetic.

i do listen to christian metal, but some bands are lacking. there are a couple christian (un)black metal bands i listen to (they are undergound).

i feel like i’m just listening for the music and not the lyrics is what i’m trying to say.

i just want to make sure i’m not a bad catholic because it’s best to get advice rather than going by your own thing.

Speaking as a Catholic who’s been to a boatload of metal shows and metal fests of all different genres, if the music isn’t inspiring you to sin and isn’t blasphemous, it’s not a problem.

If it’s blasphemous, I would avoid it on principle, but it can be a bit hard to distinguish what is actual blasphemy from a comment on hypocritical religion, etc. “Blasphemous” to me would be something very extreme, not Slayer and not even Burzum. Then again, I’m old, not some impressionable kid.



It’s kind of a mixed bag. I’m also a fan of some metal, and I’ve found that I’ve been naturally distancing myself from certain groups as my faith develops.

I’ll echo Tis, as long as it’s not blasphemous / leading you to sin, you should be fine. I’m pretty sure there are some Catholic heavy metal groups as well, if you know where to look.


When you can make a different better choice of music do that. You just might realize it will be even better for you.

Um, there’s nothing “wrong” with metal. I listen to a lot of different music and can appreciate it all.

Many of the best, kindest and most Christian-acting people I know are metal heads.

If you don’t like it fine, but there’s no need to act like he needs to find something “better”. Metal’s very nice.


I didn’t say anything was wrong with it I just said that if you can make a choice and can choose other music to listen to try it. Might get to like it.

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It is key to know yourself. I think Scripture gives us good advice: test all things, hold fast to that which is good. If something is an obstacle to your relationship with God, root it out of your life. If not, then enjoy. But even morally neutral things can be problematic if we don’t exercise moderation.

I’ve always liked metal music. But I don’t listen to it indiscriminately. I’ve never been a fan of black or death metal. I prefer happier genres: power/prog/symphonic.

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I particularly like this one http://catholicmetal.com/release/praising-him-loudly-volume-3/

And this is a special meditation that I use during Lent


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Before anyone points it out yes I know he wasn’t a Catholic, but this song still says it all!

Why Should the Devil have all the Good Music?

My favourite bands include the Sister of Mercy and The Mission (UK) so if Heavy Metal’s a problem then I’m right up the proverbial as a fan of Classic Goth. :rofl:


In the 90’s and early 00’s I listened to a lot of marilyn manson and worse probably, completely and utterly blasphemous in my opinion (now at least). If I even hear a song by them now I cringe and skip it or block it. I still listen to some metal but try to avoid anything blatantly evil that brings nothing to the table. Many times if I take a look at the lyrics I’m greatly disappointed in what I’ve been listening to.

God bless.

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I listen to old school metal. As long as it’s not in anyway leading you away from your faith, you’re fine.


Maybe you should try metal. You might like it.


I pretty much like classic rock (the good old stuff)

some country but not a lot of the stuff for the past couple of years.

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And yet Johnny Cash 's cover of Hurt is one of the most Christian songs ever made.


One of my cousins was a HUGE KISS fan. He had pictures plastered all over his room. My grandmother thought he needed counseling! He wanted to take me to a concert in the last 70s, but I wasn’t allowed to go. :frowning:

I listened to a whole lot of metal growing up, pantera was one of my favorites. I rarely listen to that stuff anymore though, more because I think I kinda burnt myself out on that type of music. I do still listen to deftones and tool sometimes though, that stuff never gets old.

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I listened to it for about 35 years. I am completely sick of it. Someone mentioned prog metal. I like prog rock and used to like metal but I don’t think they mix well at all. Prog metal mostly sounds overblown and melodramatic.

Type O Negative was my favorite band growing up. You can hear many Catholic themes in their songs, but several of them would definitely be considered blasphemous. However, the lead singer rejoined the Church prior to his death. A good friend of mine got to meet him in person just a few months before he died. She said Peter talked a lot about God.

I would stay away from the obviously blasphemous, pagan and satanic oriented stuff. Think about explaining to your very best friend that you enjoyed hearing someone belittle and mock them on a regular basis…

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I like Metal as well as just about all other types of music ( except Country and Rap ). In fact, right now I’m listening to this song about the Swiss Guard…

(On 6 May 1527 a leaderless mercenary army, consisting of German Landsknechts as well as Spanish and Italian mercenaries, invaded the city of Rome. No sooner had the Janiculum fallen into the hands of the looters they began advancing on the Vatican Hill. On St. Peter’s Square 147 (of 189) men of the Swiss Guard stood in position to protect Pope Clement VII. In the meantime the remaining 42 Swiss Guards escorted the Pope to the Castel Sant’Angelo (using a secret escape passageway, the Passetto di Borgo) where he finally had to capitulate after a month of siege. None of the 147 Swiss Guards survived. Even today the Swiss Guards have their swearing-in ceremony of new recruits on 6 May, in tribute to the fallen).


Everything I’ve read about Peter Steele indicates he was a really nice guy. Died way too young.

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