Heavy Metal Music And Ghost?


I’m not a Catholic, was just wondering If there were any Catholics that rock to Ghost? Maby not the band for a Catholic but still im curious.


I saw them at Maryland Deathfest the first time they played it. They were supposedly a big deal.
Music sounded like tinny pop.
Wasn’t impressed.
Also wasn’t impressed when they were planning to ride around Philly in their dopey pope outfits while the Pope was visiting (thankfully, road closures and security nixed it)

A couple of my friends really liked them but musically they are just a huge yawn for me…like some “indie” “concept” version of metal…no thank you


I saw them in St.Paul MN USA 1/5/18. I thought It was the best concert I’ve been to. There new album dropped that day to so they went all out. There new album sounds like a mix of scorpions, and iron maiden.


I tried listening to a couple of their songs again just now to refresh my memory about them.

I honestly have a really hard time even seeing them as metal. My friend who has run a well-known small indie metal label for years sees them as metal and is into them. Their production to me just sounds incredibly wimpy, and the songs are like I said, indie hipster metal. I’ve noticed whenever my friend starts a thread about them (he has a Facebook with hundreds of metalheads worldwide following it) the responses are really polarized. Some people love them and some say same thing as me.


Never heard of them


I know that they’re popular. Personally, I haven’t listened to them much, but of the songs I have heard, I’d say that they’re OK and even have a great song or two. For the most part, though, I don’t find them that enjoyable, and I can’t help but feel that they’re mostly riding off their gimmicky stage presence, Satanic imagery, and occasional antics.


I never heard of them until someone posted a thread a few years back about some burger joint naming a burger after them that included an unconsecrated communion wafer on it.

I looked them up on Wikipedia. I saw their shtick is dressing up in quasi-Catholic garb with the lead singer as a “demonic anti-pope”. That was enough to tell me I’m not interested in giving them my time or attention.

And I like heavy metal music. But something like that? I’ll take a hard pass.

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