Heavy metal music. No, it is not "THA DEVILL!111"

Why is it that so many people think that metal music is all rocker-turned-satanic-if-not-evil-then-raunchy?

Puh-lease. I listen to a lot of metal, (Metallica, Apocalyptica, etc.) Granted, a lot of metal artists have put a bad smear on metal in general, but come on! It isn’t in the least like. “I’m in love wit a stripper”, or “Tequila makes her clothes fall off”, or “My lips smusching against yours…”, or other disgusting/explicit/raunchy songs from pop genres.

C’mon, people. :banghead:

In my opinion, heavy metal is an art form, and like all art, some of it is good, some of it is awful. If you like it, then enjoy it for what it is.

Some kids may get the wrong idea from metal, though, and that is why one needs to see it from a specific perspective. This is what I did. A few years back, my daughter tried to shock me (like many teens try on their parents) by saying that she was really getting into Marilyn Manson. I shocked her instead, saying that I really liked him, too. She wanted to know why, so I told her. Brian Warner, Manson’s real name, is a marketing genius. He takes on an offensive name, mutilates himself, makes really hard-core music (I personally do like his version of Sweet Dreams!), does all of these publicity stunts like claiming to worship the devil and ripping up Bibles, and what does he get? Horrified parents and fundamentalist Protestants getting all worked up over him. And the end result? He laughs all the way to the bank. Crestfallen, my daughter gave up on him immediately after. It just wasn’t cool anymore!

Believe me, if Manson actually encountered the devil as he really is, he’d whimper and beg God for mercy. Same with Ozzy Osborne, whom parents of my teen generation were all worked up about. Today, the man who was so feared is now everyone’s favorite daft uncle.

So no, metal by itself is not of the devil. I am sure that people could commit major sin by listening to Barry White or The Carpenters, nevermind Black Sabbath. In the end, it is marketing that plays to the masses and makes a boatload of money off of them.

Enjoy the music it if that is your thing.

Heavy metal is like any other genre, you have good metal bands, and you have bad metal bands.
I listen to metal, some bands I like are Metallica, Gun’s n Roses, and Rammstein.

What? How exactly would you commit sin by listening to The Carpenters? :ehh:

Some people can get turned on by anything. No need for further explanation, CTA :yup:

Mystic, I think we’ve crossed paths about this before. I have a buddy at work that has tuned me onto Apocalyptica (there’s always room for cello).

Today, he sent me some Demon Hunters that we share on our work I- Tunes…I have to agree there’s a lot of positive metal out there if you look around…

It’s because when people turn 40 elves sneak into their home and take out the bone in their heads while they sleep that let them have an open mind about anything. Video games, music, television, you name it.

Heavy Metal is not the devil, except when it is.

Hope not, I am 49!

I too love metal and enjoy discovering Christian metal, you guys have heard of Fratello Metallo right?

Also Trouble (80’s cheese), As I Lay Dying, wow Demon Hunter that’s some harsh stuff!

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