Heavy physical labor on Sundays for others?

Is it acceptable to perform heavy physical labor on Sunday as a work of mercy (i.e., for an elderly relative)? Also, does this answer change if one chooses to perform this work on Sunday and uses Saturday to do their own work?

For example, if I were to purposely arrange my schedule so that I’d work on remodeling my house on all my Saturdays, and I only used Sundays to help my elderly relative work on his–is this permissable?

Should I be worried about causing scandal by performing heavy labor on Sunday? Or is this arrangement (because it is a work of mercy) good in the eyes of the Church?

Sorry to sound scrupulous, but I have a relative that needs a lot of help now that he’s sold his home–but I’m also in the process of remodeling my own home and I just wanted to know if it was possible to do both by assigning Sundays as my “helping him out” days…and Saturdays as my own work days…especially since I’m pretty sure I can’t remodel my house in good conscience on Sundays.

Thanks and God bless!


Advice from a scrupulous person who has asked the same question:

It is fine to do acts of mercy on a Sunday for a friend or a relative, even if it involves physical labor. Don’t worry! And I want to say it is nice of you to do this for someone, too!:slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I thought that was probably the case–but just wanted to double check before I pledged all my Sundays! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the key element is that Sunday should be reserved for tasks you enjoy and get refreshment from (and you should enjoy going to church! :smiley: )

Yes. Don’t schedule such a long day on such a regular basis that you aren’t getting the rest you should.

And good for you for being an angel!

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