Heavy Rain & Flooding in Texas

Very heavy rain and flooding in Texas


Didn’t Texas just have a drought?

I hope they were able to capture some of that rain and divert it to storage and/or aquifers.

We need the rain in California.

It is the epic battle of Kyogre and Groudon.

I have been a member of CAF for a long time. I have seen references to Star Trek ( a number of them my own), Star Wars and various other “worlds”, but this is the first Pokemon reference I have seen.



Lived a long time in Texas. Texas weather, by definition, is one long drought interrupted by periodic floods.


Depends on the part of Texas. Texas is very large, and has different weather patterns in different regions. I’ve lived in Houston now for slightly longer than ten years. I would not characterize the weather in this part of the state as one long drought interrupted by periodic floods.

True. The coastal areas are different. I went to college near San Antonio and lived near Beeville for a number of years, and have friends near Odessa. Those areas, the Panhandle, etc., the description fits. Understand, however, the phrase is tongue-in-cheek


prayers for those living in the flooded areas.

One day I had to visit a town in the southwest of the USA.

Not much rainfall.

But as I walked around, I noted that every “topographical” feature was design NOT to catch and capture rainfall, but to shed it as rapidly as possible.

The grass areas between the sidewalks and the curbs, were sloped not to catch rain, but to shed it into the street.

All kinds of things.

I even wrote a letter to the editor, but I have no idea if they printed it.

There are easy things to “effectuate”.

Some guy started a Web site devoted to capturing information on flash floods.

Places in arid lands may get rain, but it occurs as flash floods.

Thought I would post that thought.

If we can capture that flash flood water and allow it to percolate into the aquifers, it would be enormously helpful and also minimize damage that the wall of water causes.

Maybe “barrages” or dams in a sequence designed to slow down flash floods and allow the water to percolate down.

Short dams, not tall ones.

Maybe made of boulders strategically placed to slow down the stream flow.

Maybe with “pits” upstream to catch water; maybe filled in with organics or gravel or filter fabric “pillows”. So that people or livestock can’t fall into them.

The City of El Paso has an optional “green” design manual for catching storm water.

Interesting read, with sketches at the back.


There used to be an office of arid land studies at the university of ??

I did business with them decades ago.

Most of the people I knew are long gone.

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