Hebrew and Greek words, help!


I do not have the talent or time to find these answers.

Does Logos appear in the Septuagint?

If so, what Hebrew word does it translate?

Same is true for: Agape*, huios, *andagepetos.


My LXX materials do not include the deuterocanonicals, so my numbers will be a bit off.

agape (15 times) = ahab (not the name of the evil king) or the feminine form ahaba.
logos (too many times to count = imrah (=speech, word) or dabar (basic meaning is “word,” but it covers a multitude of meanings related to the concept of “word”).
huios (many times) = ben
agapetos is not a standalone word; it is a participle of agapao = ahab (verb; voweling is different from the noun ahab listed above).


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logos: see ask.com/wiki/Logos

agape: see christianity.about.com/od/glossary/a/Agape.htm

huios: see bibletools.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Lexicon.show/ID/G5207/huios.htm


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OP messed up, meant to type “and agapetos.”


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