Hebrew Bible Transliteration as a Book?

Hi all. I’m interested in reading the Hebrew Old Testament transliterated into “Anglo-Hebrew” ala biblehub.com/text/genesis/1-1.htm, but would like it as a physical book rather than having to read it tunnel-visioned off a computer screen.

Anyone familiar with one they can recommend?

Many years ago I had what they call an “interlinear Bible.” It had Hebrew in the Old Testament with English next to it, and Greek in the New Testament with English next to it. I don’t recall if it also had a transliteration of Hebrew into English characters, but I think it did. This was two decades ago. It was just the protestant Old Testament, but I’m sure there’s a Catholic version. Basically, you want to look for “Catholic Interlinear Bible.” If you find one, let us know. I’d eventually like to have one again, particularly with the Catholic books since I am now Catholic. I prefer a physical book to something online as well, though online resources are wonderful.

The Scripture4all website has Interlinear OT and NT (but not Apoc.). It has the chapters as PDFs, plus a downloadable program for searches and Strong’s defs.

In the program, the text of Right-Left can be changed to Left-Right under “View”.


The NT PDFs have Strong’s numbers and parsing. Unfortunately, not the OT. The PDFs, of course, can be printed.

Because room is needed for notes (esp. the OT), I used the Snippet Tool, copied the program verses into Excel and then printed them. (Did this for the whole OT…that’s how helpful I find this site.)

I didn’t fall in love with Bible study until finding this website. To me, it’s an amazing and generous gift from the Scripture4all folks!

Before finding Scripture4All, I purchased the JP Green Interlinear Bible. However, it was R-L, very compact (no room for notes) - and the print excessively tiny.

In case anyone is interested, here are the resources I use and have found to be so helpful:

Gensenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the OT - Numerically Coded to Strong’s

Thayer’s Greek-Eng. Lexicon of the NT - Numerically Coded to Strong’s

Wigram’s Englishman’s Heb.-Chaldee Concordance of the OT - Numerically Coded to Strong’s

I usually use this Interlinear online site. You can see Ezekiel 10 in this example.


One of my fellow deacons bought an interlinear in print with 8 translations. I think it might have the Hebrew and Greek also. Do an online search.

Thanks all, I emailed Biblehub, and they recommended Scriptures4all as well. Particularly I’d like a book that has the “Beresit bara elohim” language in the link I posted, anglo-Hebrew for “In the beginning God…” (Gen 1), if anyone knows of one.



While there are Hebrew transliterations of Jewish prayer books (Siddurs), there is not a full transliteration of the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible (Old Testament).

I’m of Jewish lineage and speak/read Hebrew, Ladino, and some Yiddish. “Anglo-Hebrew” refers not to transliterated Hebrew but to the belief that the “Lost Tribes of Israel” are the Anglo-Americans. This belief was widely proclaimed by the Worldwide Church of God, for example, when it was following the obscure teachings of Armstrong. Other groups still adhere to the Anglo-Hebrew view.

I’ve been thinking about it, and if it’s primarily Hebrew in which you’re interested, any interlinear bible should suffice; that is, a Catholic edition wouldn’t make a lot of difference. The only books which are in the Catholic bible, but not in the protestant canon, would not be likely to have originally been written in Hebrew. Perhaps the extra psalms and the longer version of Esther, but it’s debatable. Though, I would still love a Catholic interlinear Bible.

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