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Hello. I am a Catholic Convert with an Orthodox Christian background but find myself interested in studying the Hebrew roots of Christianity and how it relates to the fullness of the Catholic faith. I was just wondering if there are any Hebrew Catholics or anyone with a Messianic Judaism background. I am currently studying the Jewish Feasts like Passover and how they relate to the sacraments like the Eucharist and am seeking information from a Hebrew Catholic perspective. I am interested in studying some of the classic Jewish texts like the Talmud and Midrash and commentaries of the sages since I think they have much wisdom to enhance understanding of the Old Testament scriptures. I just ordered a book called the “Completed Jew” from the American Hebrew Catholic website but am not sure if that will help me.

Thanks in advance and it’s nice to be part of this wonderful forum!
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Well, I am neither a Messianic Jew not a Hebraic Catholic, however, I did want to extend you a warm welcome to the forums and I hope you learn much and contribute often. :smiley:


Welcome! I have a Protestant friend who lives this lifestyle… I have studied ‘Our Jewish Roots’ of the Catholic Church and have learned much from my friend. However, she is a former Catholic and has gone overboard into following the Jewish Law… I don’t know if this is helping you?
There is a book called Salvation is From The Jews by Roy Shchoeman who is a convert to the Catholic Faith from Judaism…it’s excellent.


:smiley: Thank you Apologia100 and Annunciata; it’s nice to join this forum and thank you for the book recommendation. I will look into ordering that. I think it’s what I am looking for as a good starting point.

I agree with you about the dangers of going overboard and following Jewish Law and shipwrecking one’s Catholic faith. That’s exactly where I am at now, wanting to learn more to grow in understanding the fullness of the Catholic faith. I have learned so much from people who follow the Jewish traditions but I have met people who are Messianic Christians with an anti-catholic bias who have tried to discourage me from going to Mass and to start observing the Sabbath and Passover instead and I want to be careful in how I approach my studies. Thanks again!



In Israel the practice the Latin Rite done in Hebrew.

There are some Jewish Catholics who do the liturgy in Hebrew but its done pretty much as the way you would see Mass anywhere else.

An important thing to temeber here as HEbrew and the letters of Pau point to is that the Hebrew traditions are but a shadow of the fullfillment that is to be found in Christ’s church.
Even at the time of the Temple the Christians would point to the superiority of the Eucharistic meal than the tradiions found in the Jewish Passover which the communion meal was based upon.
So you have a OT type and the NT fullfillment or anti-type that is greater in signficance. Thus as you can see very early on in the book of Acts, Letters of Paul and Hebrews the Judaizers tradtions were considered irrelevant to the gentiles and not necessary for salvation however there is a sense that the Jews were allowed to keep some of thier own tradtions for themselves although none of these were deemed salvific as the law of works (Jewish tradtions) did not save. After the fall of the temple of Jerusalem it seems that most Hebrew only tradiions had very little infulence in the church anymore rather most were blended into the church liturgy and her own unique tradtions. Maybe becuase of the assimilation of catholic tradtions within the second generation of Jewish christians had overtaken the original concerns of the first generation of Jewish Christians and with no Temple Jewish tradtions would pale in comparision to the theology of grace and sacraments within the church rather than mere symbolic ordinances and the lack of a sacrificial system anynore in Judaism but still found in Catholcism.


Thank you Maccabees! That is very helpful to me!

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