Hebrew Catholics - who are they and what are they about


Okay, I’ve already viewed their website, & read the (new?) wikipedia article about them, but I’m still confused. Is the only difference that they celebrate the liturgy in Hebrew, because in Israel I wouldn’t think that to be too strange - not any stranger than an English mass in America after VII.

Also I’ve gathered that they are controversial (some people don’t like them) but I also don’t understand why. Can someone help?



Here is my understanding from reading Roy Shoeman, Roslyn Moss, and some of the criticisms of Hebrew Catholics. There is the obvious controversy of Jews converting to Catholicism, and accepting Christ as the Messiah. That is the clear criticism from the Jewish perspective. From the Christian perspective, it seems there is some debate over whether it is appropriate for Hebrew Catholics to celebrate both the Jewish feasts and the Christian feasts. Some feel that once one has become Catholic, the Mass and Eucharist replace or fulfill all the observances of Judaism. Others feel that they wish to continue their Jewish traditions of celebrating Passover and other feasts in addition to the Catholic rites.


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