Hebrew Catholics


Do we have any Hebrew Catholics here? I like to know their stories.


You mean converts from Judaism?




Have you read “Honey from the Rock”?




The parish priest in a neighboring town was a Jewish lawyer that became a Catholic priest. He gives the best homilies I have ever heard! I think it is his Jewish background… seriously, he gave a homily on the last supper from the perspective of the apostles that was incredible… he went into the customs and prayers of passover, who would generally be there, what role they play, etc. He is also very big on ceremony… like if you regularly receive communion but don’t one week, he really blesses you… I mean like hand on your head, big cross over you as he prays…

After mass the kids would all run down the steps and do a flying leap to hug him… all at once. He used to joke about the kids not being able to knock him over… I really think they tried to!


I know of one personally but he doesn’t want to be on the forums.


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