Hebrew of Genesis 2: 18?


And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

I am so to have to ask such a simple question.

From where does the not come in “not good” in our English translation?

I can look up the Hebrew, but my ignorance of Hebrew is blocking me from see the answer.



That is what it means in Hebrew, as always in translation you can only go the nearest sentence that people understand in a different language.


Lō’-ṭōḇ hĕyōṯ hā’āḏām ləḇadō. (Lo-tov heyot ha’adam levado.) (לא) is the word for ‘no’ or ‘not’.Lo Hence lō’-ṭōḇ (the tov in mazel tov ‘good luck’!) - ‘not-good’.


I’m not quite sure what your question is, but this is the Interlinear Program I use. Perhaps it will help.


(I think clicking on it will make it larger).

It’s interesting that the in the 1st Creation, God/Elohim made male and female, and everything was Good.

In the 2nd Creation, God/Jehovah Elohim could only make a male - and no matter how many animals He then made, there was none suitable as a mate for Adam. :confused: And Adam being alone was “not good”. Presumably, He could only make male animals as well? Dunno…but thank goodness for ribs, eh? :slight_smile:



You have answered my question!




I was using the BlueLetterBible site.

My problem came from the not (lo) does not seem to be in their Hebrew!


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