Hebrew Tabernacle/Temple and Synagogue Worship Styles


Hebrew worship styles have included:

  • Tabernacle/Temple Worship (characterized by reverently seeking Almighty God in the Presence of God in the midst of a “Holy of Holies”)
  • Synagogue worship (characterized by no “Holy of Holies” but rather by Scripture reading, sermons)

IMHO, Catholic worship combines elements of both styles:

  • The liturgy of the Word continues the pattern of Scripture reading and sermons

  • The liturgy of the Eucharist continues the pattern of seeking God reverently in the Presence of God in the midst of a “Holy of Holies” (The tabernacle).

IMHO, non-Catholic worship by the “Separated brethren” continues the pattern of synagogue worship but is missing valuable elements that include: the Presence of God and sacred space.


If you want to see real similarities, look at the Pre-1911 breviary and mass. There were very many practices, such as the gradual psalms or ad orientem, imported pretty much directly from sacred Jewish tradition.


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