Hebrews 11,6 versus 1 Corinthians 13,13


I always thought that faith is the most important thing because you can be the most charible and loving person in the world but if you’re a true atheist, you have no chance to go to heaven… So why love should be better than faith?


Love lasts forever while faith and hope will pass away when we come face to face with the Lord. All three are important but love is the greatest because it will last forever.


“faith works by Love” St. Paul


Love, or charity to use more “traditional” language, is in one very real sense what determines our salvation. That is why we speak of venial sin weakening and mortal sin breaking the bond of charity with God, and perfect contrition or sacramental absolution restoring it. Faith without love is dead and useless. Alone it cannot lead to salvation.

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As Aelred Minor said, a loveless faith is dead and isn’t true faith at all.


In truth, all Christians should desire very strongly to go where their is no faith, no hope and no bible.


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