HeHe, Joke's on Me, Thought Today Was Our, First Date Anniversary


HeHe, Joke’s on Me, Thought Today Was Our, First Date Anniversary. Got a dozen roses and a funny card.

Then, Wifey broke the news, to me It is actually tomorrow.:blush: :shrug: Oh well, I’ll just have to scratch out the date and put the right one on card. She wants me take her out to dinner at one of her favorite, “Local Dive” restaurants. Food is great, but the ambiance needs help, “Characters Welcome”, type of place. But after “dating” for 28 years she gets to pick.:thumbsup: :rolleyes:


Hey better early than never. I remember one year literally EVERYONE in my family for some reason thought Dad’s birthday was a day later than it really is. Poor darling was most upset that no-one called on his birthday :frowning:


aw, how sweet! Happy anniversary to you TIME!:slight_smile:


aw.:frowning: That would be bad.
One year, about 14 years ago, I forgot hubby’s birthday. Just didn’t even think about it–was a stressful time in our lives I guess. (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) haha Well, he is one of nine kids, and everyone was calling him that day–and finally, I heard him say…‘thanks for calling. I don’t know what we’re doing for my birthday.’ :eek: Honestly, my heart sank. I felt horrible. I said…oh my gosh, it’s your birthday today!:frowning: But, we ended up having a great celebration, just the same. Thankfully, my hubby is a very forgiving man. I might have been madder than that.:o


In your situation it would be tempting to say nothing but call the nearest nice restaurant pronto and see if they had any tables free for that night (in another room where DH couldn’t listen in of course)


:eek: Since this is how I looked, the gig was up! ha I couldn’t deny how shocked and bad I felt. Anyways, I make sure I have reminders on my calendar now…I am bad with names, birthdays, and ages.:o


Ahhh, see what you need is a good poker-face :wink:

Having four older sisters, who tend to either drop bombshells on me or make… interesting :wink: … comments about each other (which of course I have to keep in strict confidence) I’ve had to develop one!


Well, WG you are doing PenguinsFan’s birthday in great style today.:thumbsup:


Llly, I have a house full of gilrs too.:smiley: But for some reason, I think they would rather be “Drama Queens” than “Poker Faces”:rolleyes: I dunno.


Oh so would my sisters for the most part - not to mention my dear Mum. Probably why I’m kind of the opposite, in reaction to them or something.


My brother, the tech wizard, programmed his computer to send an automatic e-mail to the local flower shop on important dates. The computer would send an e-mail something like this:

Please deliver a dozen yellow daisies to this address… and enclose a card that reads “Happy 6th anniversary”

The computer calculated the age automatically, so he just had to look at his wife’s beaming face and the bouquet of flowers to know that the day was something special. Then he just said “oh, can I check that they got the message on the card right?” to make sure that he knew whether to say “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary.”

It always struck me as kind of cheating to have your computer do it for you, but a male friend told me that the important thing is recognizing the event, not committing it to memory. His wife never complained (about that, anyway).


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