Heinz puls mayo ads after complaints

I think they are being boycotted by now…I think they did the right thing…Why should people who find this offensive have to watch it and have children see it?


Here is the ad:

I think it is humorous rather than offensive. It plays with gender stereotypes with a guy being called Mum and acting the part, while being very masculine. Children would find it funny.

The article said the ad did not run here in the states. Yet if you have satellite it was included in the programing. My family saw it and we live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

I wrote to the company and complained.

I think it is the think end of the wedge , I am glad you wrote to them

A priest once told a friend of mine who said he didn’t see something that was forbidden as being wrong, he told him the fact he couldn’t see the harm ,was worse than the thing they were discussing

  • 31 seconds(could have been played hundreds of times), well-made ad everyone ought to view to see where some of these companies are in marketing -

  • according to post, put on satellite TV for all ages -

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Here is the ad:

Well at least the add is being run free on YouTube! Great add…too bad they caved!

The fact that gay rights groups are calling for Heinz to be boycotted now that the ad has been pulled is enough evidence that the ad was not innocuous. If it were just a funny ad with no political implications, they wouldn’t bother with a boycott.

I heard about this, but still haven’t seen it. It seems the Youtube video was removed, though. :shrug:

I didn’t see it.

I can imagine it though. yuck :eek:

I’m glad Heinz pulled the ad ! :slight_smile:

It’s becoming more and more obvious that there are a multitude of issues and events occurring in our country and around the world that are pitting people of faith against people who want faith and morals extinguished. It has become a contest to see who can wield the most clout, whether it’s in an online forum or in a political process. It’s vitally important that people of faith let their beliefs be known. Otherwise, our government will listen to the shouts of those who want to do away with faith and morals in our society. Always be charitable, but always tell the truth.

Here’s the ad from an article in the Times online (UK).


It reminds me of the Snickers ad from the super bowl where the two mechanics were eating the same candy bar and ended up near-kissing. M&M pulled the ad after complaints from the Religious Right, it only ran once.

I thought it was hysterical and so did everyone at the party I attended-most of whom were Catholic.

It would be interesting to know just what the rationale of the showing the ad actually was. They would certainly have known that there would be some reaction from the UK’s relatively tiny religious right – pulling an ad because a couple of hundred people complained rather argues that that was a key part of the strategy in the first place.

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I read it but I guess I wanted to see the video as well.
Then again, I rather not see the video. yuck :o

How does this not seek to normalize a behaviour that is a grave sin? Why should any faithful Catholic in a climate where homosexual relations are elevated by the secular government to mimic the sacrament of marriage think that such imagery is appropriate in a society that is confused about sexual morality as the secular world?

As Catholics, do we not have the objective way for the virtue of chastity and proper orientation of sexuality within the context of the sacrament of marriage?

Why then would any practicing Catholic find such an ad hilarious or funny when so many people are falling away or failing even to consider the Church due to the acceptance by society of a new and false sexual morality?

Do you believe what the Church believes? When society embraces grave sin like sexual perversity or infanticide (see born alive act), those who follow society harden their hearts to the Holy Spirit Who wills all to be saved through the normative means of the Church.

The issue is the salvation of souls.

Thanks for the link. There’s nothing funny or clever about that ad.

The article says " AMV BBDO, the advertising agency which made the ad, said that the idea was that the product ‘tastes as if you have your own New York deli man in your kitchen’".

And they couldn’t have a woman going to work who kisses the deli man goodbye? This is just odd.

Ten years ago no one would have thought of airing such an ad now its aired and quickly pulled. The way things are gong I would not be shocked if that kind of ad was normal and acceptable ten years from now. Of course I am completely with the Churchs teachings on morality and sinful behavior so I dont want that ad to be the norm Im just saying society seems to be going that way.

Is it the kiss at the end that bothers you? If that wasn’t in the commercial (after all, it wasn’t necessary to make the commercial work) would you still object?

This is what’s REALLY bad:

Six Labour parliamentarians also filed a motion in the House of Commons condemning Heinz’s decision to pull the ad… The MPs added, however, that while they believed exposing children to homosexual lifestyles on television was entirely legitimate, current rules designed to shield children from pernicious advertisements of foods with high levels of fat, sugar or salt that could lead to obesity, would have made sure the Heinz mayonnaise ad did not appear during children’s programmes.


As uuaula politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths

I am glad they caved in, it shows there are still people in the UK that care about protecting children from things that are beyond them

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