Heinz puls mayo ads after complaints

They have to see it sometime. and that commercial isn’t even allowed on youth channels. if they see it, it’s because they’re on a station that isn’t designed for children.

No, they don’t have to see it sometime…I never saw it as a child and I grew up just fine

It should be the parents that decide what comes into their home, including commercial content, not the advertisers

then the parents shouldn’t let their kids watch adult stations. :shrug:

…or they should ban tv. worked fine for me. :rolleyes:

For those with time to spare, and who want to research the wide variety of reactions to this, may I suggest you stop by GOOGEL NEWS, type in “Heinz Ad”, and you will have hundreds of different opinions to enjoy.:smiley:

As I do not have a TV set, I will have to be content with playing with my cats. Said cats being NUDE. That’s right, no clothing, not even cats’ pajamas. :rolleyes:

Why do they have to see two men kissing sometime? :confused:

The reason the commercial wasn’t run during children’s programming, is that the product is not considered healthy for children to consume. “Hey, kids! It’s OK to engage in immoral acts, just don’t put fatty mayo on your sandwiches!”

actually, it’s because advertising food products on children’s stations is illegal in the UK. :smiley:

They ran that ad on a feed to the US…A poster said her kids saw it

There are programs that are for the general public to watch, and that includes everyone

There is very little fit for children or for anyone else ,fit to watch on TV , as far as I am concerned, but it is no excuse to allow this sort of thing to seep into the junk that TV already promotes

If everyone who is so afraid of children seeing the wrong thing on TV actually blocked offensive channels or simply made house rules regarding TV, there would be nothing to complain about.

If everyone who was so upset about offensive TV actually turned the darn thing off, there would be nothing to complain about.

Where’s the fun for them in that?

They saw it on an international station somehow. It wasn’t American TV, per se.

The government is working on allowing people to choose and pay for only the stations they want to watch. Even if it cost more we would go this way. I believe that when this happens many of the more obscure and offensive programming stations will cost so much that the few that desire to watch them will go away.

That would be wonderful! EWTN is listed in the “Variety Tier” with my cable company, which also includes LOGO. I would like to be able to pay for EWTN to come into my home without having LOGO in my cable line-up.

Think the Heinz ad is bad? Have you seen the chemistry.com ad?

http://www.chemistry.com/multimedia/multimedia.aspx?vowid=vows_2 (“Market”)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWUZiBwR9ag (Be careful here!)

This is running on TV all the time here in the midwestern US.

I thought it was funny. I laughed and moved on. No I will not boycott the product…just like I don’t boycott Starbucks, Wal-Mart or the Susan Komen foundation.

I haven’t seen the Chemistry ad here in the deep south…but I am sure when it airs…it will be pulled to late night. My husband thinks the two guys who argue over Sonic food in the car are gay. :shrug:

Not just the subject matter is bad, but it’s bad acting to boot.

Well if I have to go to a specific internet site to see an ad then I just won’t use that site. But, when something is offensive and I don’t feel it should be inside my home (yes TV is inside MY home) then I will CALL, COMPLAIN and/or BOYCOTT as is my right. If we all stand back and just let it be because it is “not toooo bad” then it just gets worse and many people just get “use to the situation.”

When something is offensive and I don’t feel it should be inside my home (yes TV is inside MY home), or a young child should be exposed to the subject, then I will CALL, COMPLAIN and/or BOYCOTT as is our right.

If everyone stands back and just lets it be because it is “not toooo bad” or “funny” to an adult, then the situation just gets worse and many people just get “use to the situation.”

America is a great country, isn’t it? :smiley:

You say potato…I say pahtahtoe… Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July! My personal favorite holiday!

I will still by the mayo that is the best buy at the grocery store, the brand doesn’t really matter. If Kraft is $2.59 and Heinz for the same size is $2.19…I’ll buy the Heinz. It’s not about commericals or advertising for me…it’s the bottom line…the price.

Starbucks is a rare treat because of the price…I like MickeyD’s coffees and they are a bit more reasonable.

Advertising doesn’t have an effect on what I buy. I coupon clip…I buy clearance…I buy on sale.

If they guy in the upper end department store is obviously gay and he is selling men’s dress shirts 2 for 1 and my DH needs a shirt for an upcoming event…I will buy the shirt from him.

Like I said…America is a great country…we may disagree…but that is our right…


I won’t be bringing up my kids watching this event anymore. I hope the media takes note. I’m not sure if it will matter to them though. But it is my responsibility to protect my kids from this garbage.


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