Hell and Scrupulousity


Yes, You need to find a spiritual director by talking to a priest so you can figure this out. I am concerned that you have OCD and are writing down sins. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

As far as lots of people going to hell, if you’re going to Confession and looking to improve you are ahead of the curve.

Also, I’ve read the opposite, that whoever who is in hell suffers because getting saved wasn’t that hard.


I have OCD too, and I am right with you on the fear boat. It’s just part of our illness :frowning:


Do you agree that it’s hard to tell what is reasonable to worry about and what is not?


Thank you.



Yes :frowning: I have Pure-O so honestly telling the difference between my feelings, my thoughts, and those made by the OCD is impossible. This illness is a nightmare


Yes it is.


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