Hell as Paradise


If Hell is defined as the separation from God, isn’t this giving people who will ultimately go to Hell precisely what they want? If a person chooses to live his/her life exempt from God, what difference should Hell make?


It’s just going to be a lot, lot worse than their life here on earth. Here they benefit from an environment that includes many Christians. In hell - not a Christian in sight, only demons (who hate humans) and others full of the same hate and anguish as they are. In addition Scripture indicates they will also experience physical agony in their body (resurrected).

I don’t think those (still alive on earth) who desire separation from God realize what hell will be like.



life is good in a country where there are only buddhists in sight. they are very nice people. tolerant, spiritual, fun loving. :slight_smile:


And which country is that?

What happens if there are others besides Buddhists in hell?



the point is, you dont really need christians (or jews) to build a wonderful society. you dont even have to believe in god, like the buddhists.


God is the source of all that is good. To be completely separated from Him is to be separated from all good. No where on earth is one completed speparated form God. There is good weather, beautiful nature, etc. Even wicked evil people are sometimes polite and kind on earth, because their behavior is modified by the presence of God and His creation. In hell, totally separated from God . . . well you get the picture.


isnt your version of god supposed to be omnipresent? if thats the case then he is even present in hell.


Listen to this link, then report back with your thoughts. Your guided tour through hell starts at about 16:36.

(The whole 5 part mission is good and can be found on this page scroll down and look for the Lenton Mission Series).




And perhaps that will be the greatest anguish - being locked in an *irreversable *rejection of a God whose presence they cannot escape; enfolded in the fire of God’s consuming love, *unable *to become a part of the flame.



one mintue they are in the presense of perfect Love, then they are issolated from that perfect love for the rest of eternity.


I don’t see any problem with believing that God is present in Hell. For all we know, the fires of Hell could merely be the Love of God seen from the perspective of the damned. (credit C.S. Lewis for that).

And to respond to AgnosTheist, Buddhists don’t dogmatically say whether or not they believe in God - they just don’t make a claim to knowledge (usually). There is a very popular sect however, called Pure Land, which worships Buddha as God and savior. And mind you, these people attain enlightenment just as frequently as more agnostic Buddhist traditions.


Amen to that. I think it was Cardinal Sheen who said “To the soul that hates God, heaven would be a worse punishment than hell.” But as Peter Kreeft points out (following the thoughts of C.S. Lewis) in his book “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven,” The souls in hell are burned not by their separation from God, but by what little connection they have to him. The souls in hell hate God, yet God continues to love them, and God’s love is the source of their torture. A good quote from Kreeft is:

“If God would stop loving the damned, Hell would cease to be pure torture. If the sun could stop shining, lovers of the dark would no longer be tortured by it.”

So the souls in hell want total separation from God, yet they cannot excape the love of God. Not only that, but since the souls of peoples in hell are created in the image of God, these people will hate themselves as an extention of their hatred for God.


Yes it is.

If a person chooses to live his/her life exempt from God, what difference should Hell make?

Possibly very little. The difference here is their choice is still in flux; if it weren’t, they would be dead, literally.


Buddhists and Atheists doesnt seem to care right now. I mean through Christian point of view- RIGHT NOW atheists are “locked in an irreversible rejection of a God whose presence they cannot escape”. But atheists dont mind. They are still having a grand time.


the atheists? what perfect love? like the holocaust?


LOL! Its funny how christians are trying to change what the bible is saying. :smiley: Its perfectly clear that in the bible, hell is all about the wrath of god. HATE. not love.

NO NO NO. When buddhists say “God” that is merely a mistranslation. What they have in mind is vastly different from the Christian point of view. Buddha for them is the highest form of existence and there is no perfect translation for that idea in english. The next best word for buddha in english is “God”. That does not mean they believe in a supreme creator divine being.

with that said, evey buddhists believe that buddha is both lord and savior. they always say “Lord Buddha”.


I’m yet to see one, at least one, wonderful society…


there is a lot out there that is “wonderful enough”. in the east there is taiwan, thailand, singapore. its not perfect. but its good enough. :slight_smile:

nowhere near the ‘hell’ that you folks are trying to imagine.


I agree since even the starving and violent nations in Africa are paradise compared to what the hell is like.


No, the Christian viewpoint is not that it is irreversible. While they are alive here on earth it is still possible for them to change their view - and that possibility is there at every split second.


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