Hell is necessary


I thought of this just now:

If being=goodness, then insofar as a thing exists, it is good. Our existence is therefore good.

When God creates us, he creates us to essentially exist forever. So, if we reject God, then we might expect him to annihilate us instead of allow us to suffer in eternal torment in hell; however, insofar as we exist, we are good, and for God to annihilate us he would be removing goodness, which would be evil. But God is total goodness and cannot do anything evil, therefore he cannot annihilate us and hell is a necessary ‘garbage dump’ for all the souls that having nothing good left except their existence, which necessarily must persist forever (‘for good’).

Makes sense, right?

Some would no doubt object and say “well, if God knows everything, then he would know that we are going to reject him and end up in hell so he should not create us at all.” But this misunderstands that God is outside of time, and everything is eternally NOW, not in the future or in the past. Everything which is, simply IS to him. With this ‘timeless’ view, for God to know the choice of a free will, that free will must be in existence, and so God would not remove it.


I guess we can also say that God created man in His own image, and all that goes with that, and called that good.

God never undoes His own goodness.


You are entirely right.

Fichte taught that our knowledge creates the objects we know, which is absurd, except for God. God is a Fichtean and the only true Fichtean :slight_smile:


If he created us in his own image, makes you wonder what type of evils he is really capable of.


God is not capable of any evil. It is contrary to His nature.


Then I would argue we are not made in his image.


How in the world does that follow? God is good and everything God makes is good. Therefore we are good. This is an ontological goodness (that is, goodness in being). Even the devil has ontological goodness because he was created by God, but he is wholly morally evil, just as we can be morally evil. Our free evil acts are not made by God. They are our acts. In effect, we are the author of own moral evil, not God.


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