Hell: Our Fear and Fascination" Friday on a special "20/20" at 10 p.m. EDT

I don’t recognize the anchor people or the set, so I can’t tell if this 20/20 will be aired nationwide or locally to that particular ABC station, but this seems worth watching just to see what others are thinking about hell and all.

This clip is about an evangelical mega star who loses his congregation when he questions hell.

I don’t know what the rest of the show will be like but it seems interesting as a perspective piece. I expect it will come away more on the side of hell not existing since that seems to be the way mainstream america leans (judging by their actions).

So the famous mega church preacher Carlton Pearson is now preaching that there is no hell, here is the article:


What I find most interesting about this is that “20/20” will be doing a special this Friday, July 13th. But remember, this is the day that Our Blessed Mother revealed the first secret to the children of Fatima, July 13th 1917, and it had to do with…you guessed it, Hell! So, “20/20” and Carlton Pearson will be doing their very best to convince the masses Hell is just a fictactious evil myth that needs to be done away with, but for us Catholics it might be good to re-visit that first secret and our Blessed Mothers vision of Hell, any comments?

Yep! :ehh: :ehh: :hmmm: 20/20 and Carlton Pearson!

It’s difficult to express the gut-level feeling of disgust and contempt stories like this provoke in me. So-called “ministers” such as this Pearson would do well to closely reread Paul’s farewell and exhortation to the bishops of Ephesus in Acts 20:17-35. These supremely shallow expositors of Scripture have sold off one vital, life-giving tenet of the faith after another in reaction to the most superficial of interior disturbances. Epiphanies from Peter Jennings about the reality and extent of human suffering! What seminary produced such a fecundity of understanding?! And how surprising is it that another megachurch pastor forgoes emphasis on eternal realities by falsely transposing them to our present experience in this world? Fear not, little children. There are no wolves in the forest. Peace! Peace! But there is no peace. May God severely rebuke these false apostles.

It actually sounds like it’s going to be way too PC for me - but I may give it a see if we are not busy tonight.



Just watched it and I thought it was interesting. It gave both pro and con a fair presentation, IMO. I liked that they also mentioned the Catholic belief in Purgatory and had an orthodox Catholic priest describe it, although briefly and without much theological explanation. The priest was asked if Purgatory was painful and he explained that it’s not heaven, so it’s not going to be pleasant and it’s a place of atonement where forgiven sins must still be payed back. I’m paraphrasing his words.

The pimp minister is killing me with his theory about everyone going into heaven. Then, why did Jesus die for us?

pimp minister?
i didn’t watch the show. can someone explain that?

there was an african american minister from a protestant church on the show. he was talking about feeling like he was in hell because everyone was leaving him when he started preaching it is most likely everyone will go to heaven. he ended up moving to a smaller church, he had a mega church before, and so he continued with his leftovers, from the megachurch, and has built up from there at the new smaller church. slowly but surely

his contention was that the church needs to preach fear in order to keep its numbers up. he believed that the reason for the high attendance was because they were afraid to go to hell. as long as he continued to beat the drum on fire and damnation, ie fear, then his numbers would stay up.

so when he started preaching against fear fire and brimstone and focused on love, people didn’t like it. they thought his teaching was off.

this is actually hilarious, in a sick way, if you think about it. they’d rather hear about hell than heaven.

Once, when I was at my cousin’s fiance’s (they’re not married, and they have a CATHOLIC PRIEST in their family! :eek: ) dad’s house after my cousin’s baby’s baptism (by the family’s priest), her fiance’s dad and his uncle (? - I’m guessing it’s his uncle – the priest, maybe he’s his brother) were talking about religion. I walked in halfway, so I didn’t catch it all, and the dad says that everyone is going to Heaven, and the priest didn’t say anything against it. I was going to chime in, but I couldn’t catch everything they were saying (there was a noisy air conditioner behind me… besides, it’s the first time I’ve met these people…)

Maybe I should jump in full force next time. :stuck_out_tongue:
(I should chime in, “Gee, that sounds an awful lot like “OSAS”. ;)”)

I missed it!!! We got stuck at the studio late that night and didn’t catch the show. I wonder if you can buy copies?


It may be available to view online at ABC’s website.

Btw, EWTN has a special on Hell tonight, of course presenting the orthodox Catholic teaching on it. It came on at 10:00 Sunday night.

Check out the special on EWTN instead. It’s a show on their Catholic Compass segment exclusively on the Catholic teachings on hell.

I thought the 20/20 special was pretty mediocre – not much meat. Real “top line”

You should watch it. It was a hell’uva show.:smiley:

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