Hell plus how to avoid Hell - by Fr. Schouppe

I am curious, has anyone ever read the book “The Dogma of Hell - Plus How To Avoid Hell” by Father Schouppe? Apparently it is an old book and he also has a really good one on Purgatory called “Purgatory: Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints”… Apparently its a very eye opening book and has converted alot of protestants… Its seems some of the storys are very scary and chilling…Has anyone read this book??

I’ve gone through it. The apparitions of the dammed were very interesting. Does anybody know of books that I can cross-reference with for the validity of these apparitions? Some are well known, but others were really something else!

I am reading it now on my Kindle. It’s a truly terrifying book. I didn’t expect to find it quite so disturbing. The stories of how apparitions appeared warning of their experience in hell are most frightening. It has made me think a lot about hell and how to avoid it. I recommend the book; it cost only 99 cents on Kindle, and is worth a lot more in the way it’s forcing me to think about my life and the lives of others.

This book has made me reexamine all of my ideas of the afterlife. Having studied a lot of near-death experiences, I have had the mistaken idea that the afterlife is always (or mostly) heavenly, even for sinners, because everyone reports this blissful state when they come back after going to the other side. Only a few people report going to hell. A really great book about going to hell and coming back to tell the story is “My Descent into Death” by Howard Storm. He was an atheist art professor when he died, and after he was brought back to life, became a minister. .

I have it in my hand. No sleep for me tonight then :eek:

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