why does god have to burn people in hell forever?

what do i do about my fear of hell? I am scared that i am going there. Jesus says few find it and i am terrified it is like making me depressed and all that. Please help me

[quote=breathelifefor803044]what do i do about my fear of hell? I am scared that i am going there. Jesus says few find it and i am terrified it is like making me depressed and all that. Please help me

First relax. Being over anxious about hell is not what Jesus wants from you.

Secondly, are you a Christian in a state of grace with God? Meaning that are you a baptized Christian and are you aware of any mortal sin on your soul?

no i am addicted to lusting and masterbating

Admitting that is not an obstacle, in fact it is an act of humility. You’re admitting that you’re human.

Secondly, you’re not the only one who struggles with these things.

Thirdly, here’s something that you really need to realize and with all your strength internalize: nothing that you do can separate you from God’s love for you in Christ.

You’re admitting your weakness, that’s good. But the last thing that you want to do will be the first thing that the devils will try to tempt you to do: that is to try and control it on your own.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is do everything that you can to remove those things which are an occasion to sin. If you can’t get rid of your computer, there are several apps available which you can install which will severely limit your desire to seek out stuff on the internet. Many of them are accountability software when if you visit a site on your computer an email is sent to an accountability “partner”(I use my wife-great deterrent).
Matt Fradd has a book and several other resources to help as well.

X3watch.com or covenanteyes.com are good starting points.

And are you Catholic?

God doesn’t “burn people in hell forever”.

First, I must ask, what precisely is your religious affiliation?

Hello, hoping I can chime in, I also struggle with these things, but am fighting hard against it. in my experience there is a view things that helped me drastically. Jason Everett, consecration, miraculous medal, and constant prayer. I also had this fear of hell for a long time, but now I do not fear it. The reason I am now trying stop my sins is not to stay away from hell, but to get to heaven.

There is no one-shot drastic cure. Its going to take time, perhaps even considerable time, even so much that you may never be free of the temptation of it. At the least it will take as much time as it took to develop the habit to begin with, for with me and many others is years.

This is why I’m so thankful to God for the sacrament of confession. Not just for the assurance of absolution by God through the ministry of the priest, but for the sound council provided by the priest as well.

Well, I’m not Catholic, but I know the Catholic church doesn’t teach dogmatically that God “burns” people in hell. We don’t know exactly what goes on in hell, if there is such a place. We just know that it’s separation from God. People experience separation from God outside of hell, on planet earth, because they refuse to repent and love God. In fact, some people WANT to go to hell. They hate God so much, “heaven would be hell” for them. I think heaven is for people who love God, and hell is for people who hate God. Each is receiving not merely reward or punishment so much as what he actually wants. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I recommend deeper thinking about this issue; don’t just throw up a straw-man.

Check out vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/__P2O.HTM for more Catholic teaching.

Many young people have an addiction such as you. Part of it is due to raging hormones, but a good part of it is due to the fact that we are deluged with erotic temptations in our society.
However, G*d expects us to overcome this. Never forget that Christ died on the cross to save us.
So, what I suggest is that you rent a tape of Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ”. When you see the horrible things that happened during Christ’s suffering and Crucifixion, you will remember it every time you are tempted! Just invision Christ wearing his Crown of Thorns when an erotic thought comes into your mind.
I also agree with the respondant who suggested that you restrict your access to the computor. There is just too much temption on the internet for many people to resist.

God does not burn people in hell. Hell is a state of separation for all eternity from God. It is what the person chooses, and not where God wants anyone to land up.

There’s an awful emptyness in sinful pleasure.
There’s an incredible fullness in God’s Grace.
His Mercy is always there if you change your heart and decide that’s what you want.
You have taken a good step.
I will pray for you.

Those in hell, like those in heaven, are spiritual beings, rather than physical (?) So the punishment is more of the soul than of the body. I hope I’m saying this correctly:confused: And, yes people go to one place or other by choice. Somewhere the Bible says that “God takes no pleasure in the death of the unrighteous”

The discussion so far raises an interesting question for me.

Instead of them burning in hell for eternity, why doesn’t God just anihilate them? :confused:

Which is worse?

Interesting question. I’ll just grab a popcorn and sit over here.:popcorn:

I have always wondered this as well, seems I remember being told it was because a person is an eternal spiritual being and therefore cannot be annihilated.

It is only the earthly body that can be annihilated, but not the person? So even if a person’s body is torn limb from limb, the actual person cannot be killed:confused: That puts a whole new spin on the abortion question!

I take the position that it’s both. But we have to have a proper understanding what unrepentant sin does to the soul of a human person.

If we don’t, we assume that God’s judgement is no different than a legal declaration instead of an affirmation of the real state of a soul at death.

Well, technically the Catholic Church does not deny that the soul could be annihilated:

1034 Jesus often speaks of “Gehenna” of “the unquenchable fire” reserved for those who to the end of their lives refuse to believe and be converted, where both soul and body can be lost. (vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/__P2O.HTM)

Italics added.

And so, God may not actually leave people in hell “forever.” He could completely and everlastingly destroy their souls and bodies so that they no longer exist.

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