I know that some churches teach that there is no hell or that it is only temporary and that the souls or either destroyed or something. I read the articles on the catholic.com main page and would like to read some more. Does anyone have any good books to refrence me? Thanks and God bless.


Belief that all souls will be saved is called universalism, and sometimes apocastasis; belief that souls in hell will be destroyed utterly is annihilationism. In Christianity, few denominations preach either as an article of faith. The Unitarian Universalists and the Unity Church are, of course, universalists; Mormons believe hell is temporary and all except the really bad people get out (the latter being thrown into the Outer Darkness); Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others, are annihilationists.

Some Christians who are members of denominations that do preach eternal torment can’t reconcile it with the idea of an all-merciful or all-loving God, and adopt a universalist outlook; it isn’t what their religion actually says, though.

Universalism is a big part of some other religions, though; Hinduism and Buddhism preach reincarnation until one attains nirvana, and Zoroastrianism teaches that although there is a particular judgment, it is not final.


Regarding hell, I understand a soul that is in hell knows that it will never see God, and this fact constitutes the greatest suffering; if it suffers because it will never see God, then in some way the soul desires God even in hell. Is this true?

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