"Hellboy" on Cartoon Network

Just a warning to those who haven’t heard about the trash they show on CN. My 8 year old was telling his dad and I about Hellboy coming on and we argued with him telling him no, that is a movie. Sure enough, 6pm on Saturday, Hellboy came on! There was a lot of curing and a lot of violence. I didn’t watch it, but there was also a Catholic priest ( I wish I had now). We were so shocked we turned it off and put a block on CN.
Adult swim comes on at 9pm every evening. It is absolutely disgusting!
Please spread the word!!

Hellboy is Catholic :slight_smile: A DEVOUT Catholic actually, if you know anything about the comic book.

Frankly, I dont really have a problem with this movie. In fact, the whole premise of the comic book character (lucky me I have a die hard comic book lover for a husband!) is a good one. The Hellboy character as I understand it is a demon from hell, true enough, but he is sort of “lost” on Earth (the Nazis summoned him up, but he got away…and was found in a church…) and a kind scientist takes him in as his son. In fact, he shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to demons!!! He also was given “honorary” human status (hehe) by the United Nations in 1952. He searches out paranormal activity, and generally works for “good.” and AGAINST demons, etc.

He carries with him religious relics such as a cross, A ROSARY!!! and other holy items like holy water!

If you have seen the movie, you know that he ultimately is a sinner who is coming to terms with that, and wants to be a better person - in other words, he doesnt WANT to be a demon.

In a round about way - it can be an analogy to the fact that all humans are sinful in their nature and while they can not escape that all they can do is look to God and by His Grace alone be redeemed.

There is a bit of cursing, although not a lot as I remember, and the violence didnt really seem over the top at all - I mean, it is based on a comic book character.

Also, I’m a little confused. This is on a CABLE channel, at 6pm. You can easily change the channel. Its not on network TV (and even if it was, I just dont see the problem with it, etc.)

Its like I’ve always said - if you dont like what your children are watching - you need to know what they are watching, and if you dont like it change the channel - end of story! :slight_smile:


My husband actually just told me to also write that its the ultimate redemption story. That in the end while Hellboy was supposed to destroy the Earth, he chooses not to - and to follow God.

Thats my husband’s two cents. :slight_smile:


Vester444 is correct. Hellboy is a redemption story. If the cartoon is anything like the comic Hellboy is actually the kind of super hero you want your kids to get into. He worships God, honors the Church and fights evil directly.

Some of these cartoon and comic characters can surprise you. I remember several years ago I caught an episode of an X-men cartoon that told a very nice story of one of its major characters (Wolverine) regaining his Faith. Also on the episode another character’s life long Faith (as a Catholic) is brought into the story.

You’re wise to be wary of what your child watches but there are still shows out there that are good.

Apparently you did not read my thread very well. I did say we turned the channel and put a block on Cartoon Network. We already had a block beginning at 9pm because of adult swim.
I do realize it is a cable channel, but it’s Cartoon Network? Cartoons are for children. To me, it’s deceitful for this network to put adult shows on a network that is suppose to be for children.
"Just turn the channel"is a common response, but I don’t buy it and never have. Do you realize there are many, many children out there who don’t have parents to monitor what they watch. Like most people they assume it’s all okay since it’s a childrens network.
My frustration comes from the fact that we can’t sit in front of the television without seeing sex or violence. If it’s not on the program we are viewing it will pop up during a commercial. I don’t care what a great story it is cursing and violence on a childrens network is unacceptable.

Cursing and violence do not belong on a childrens network regardless of how great the story is.

That time of night is usually called “Adult Swim”. Meaning its geared towards adults.


I do realize it is a cable channel, but it’s Cartoon Network? Cartoons are for children. To me, it’s deceitful for this network to put adult shows on a network that is suppose to be for children.

Cursing and violence do not belong on a childrens network regardless of how great the story is.

Two false assumptions-- first that Cartoon Network is a newtork for children. Second, that cartoons are only for children.

While cartoons generally are for children, that hardly holds true as a rule. Perhaps not as much in America, but there are many cartoons in Japanese culture which are geared towards adults.

As for Cartoon Network’s, “Adult Swim”-- it’s a grab bag. Some of it is good. Some of it is bizarre. Some of it is both. Most of it is inappropriate for young children. (Personally I don’t like the vast majority of it except…) One of my favorite television shows is a short claymation-like show called, “Robot Chicken.” Totally inappropriate for kids, but also, hilarious. Of course, it’s on sometime between 11:30 and 12:30, I think (I don’t get a lot of TV watching in).

The cursing, I would agree, is inappropriate (although I’m not sure what words exactly we mean by cursing-- some are obviously worse than others), but violence is standard fare for any cartoon. (Of course, I’m not exactly sure how this violence is depicted, etc.)

Of course, when I was around your son’s age, bedtime couldn’t have been later than 9:30 (I don’t remember when it was, it just couldn’t have been later than that), and we didn’t have cable, so I never had to worry about running into bad television. Best of luck, sir, on raising your son well! I always used to love watching the old Bugs Bunny cartoons when I was younger. That would be a great thing, I think, to get your son to watch. Heck, I’d probably get them for my children, if I had any-- except that I’d probably watch them more than they did! :wink:



Yes, and one of the cooler characters at that. :slight_smile:

and he wasn’t in the third movie which sucked (not the movie since it was good, the fact that Nightcrawler was not in it sucked)

OH MYGOD… I thought I was the only person out there who watched Robot Chicken… totally love that show!

I’m a Looney Tunes aficionado, and you should know that the creators on Termite Terrace NEVER intended those cartoons to be for children. They were packaged with other WB movies to be shown before the feature.

Also, if you watch Rocky and Bullwinkle, you’ll find that wasn’t geared toward kids either. How many kids knew the play on words with the “Kerwood Derby”? Or knew the whole Cold War backdrop of Boris and Natasha?

To the OP: It’s the CARTOON network, not the CHILDREN’s network. Not that I’m defending their programming (which I haven’t seen in years because we don’t have cable or satellite), but I don’t think CN is guilty of false advertising here. Adult Swim is adult swim.

Frankly, I’d prefer Boomerang with the older toons. That’s more what CN was like back in the day.

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