Hellish Holland, interesting article by an SSPX


Guess I’ll give Holland and Belgium a miss…what a tragedy. This is what happens when churches liberalize…

An excerpt on the latest style of euthanasia, “mortification.”

This was euthanasia and the nurse was “good” enough to relay this information so that the person could receive the last sacraments. I came to give the last sacraments. The woman was lying in the bed unable to move her hands because she was paralyzed. On the table was a cup of water. I gave her a drink and she drank voraciously. It was clear-she was dying from hunger and thirst. Nobody was there to feed her; this was the so-called mortification. And indeed, some days later, she died. I could do absolutely nothing to stop it because the entire social and political system has been organized this way. The only thing I could have done was put the woman in the trunk of a car and drive off to a normal country, but this was a crazy thought. There was nothing I could do but pray.
[left]When I was in Holland, I was aware of three cases amongst our faithful caring for an ill family member because they did not want to give them over to these criminal medical facilities. Two men were each taking care of their mothers, and an elderly woman was taking care of her sister in the most difficult situation you can imagine. The woman ruined her back permanently; she will have terrible pains for the rest of her life because she damaged her back carrying her sister. Though he tended to his mother for years, one man was called a sadist by the nurses because he refused “mortification” for her. The other man was questioned for hours by ten doctors because he refused “mortification” for his mother.[/left]

The general situations in the Church and State are so corrupted that normal persons suffer dire mental stress, anxiety, a constant tension from them and have been “maddened” in various ways. I would give them regularly the “Blessing of the Sick” because God knows better than we what these “chaotical” souls suffer and need. Poor people! They are in some way real victims (martyrs?) of liberalism.


Horrible! And really scary was the comment that in Holland anyone who tries to impose morality is accused of being a fascist for imposing your will on another. There is no reference point.

How did Holland go that way? The country that hid Jews and defied the Nazis has turned into a scene from Dante’s Inferno.

Lisa N

Euthanasia is the poster child for the phrase: “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

[quote=Lisa N] How did Holland go that way? The country that hid Jews and defied the Nazis has turned into a scene from Dante’s Inferno.

Lisa N

secularism…and the Sixties. I think I recall that when they decided to decriminalize things like pot and prostitution, it really started going downhill. Duh…

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