Hello everyone, i could use some help

Hey everyone, my name is Maria, i’m 18 and catholic. I just joined yesterday to get some questions answered. Does anyone here suffer from O.C.D intrusive or blasphemous thoughts? I’m having a really difficult time with this and the anxiety is insane, I know Jesus has the power to absolve all my sins i’m not doubting that…i’m doubting myself, in the past few months these thoughts have become shackles as i try and move forward, i try not to pay attention but they are horrendous, and then it causes me to be angry at myself and then oh great more appear, i would never say that to God or Jesus or the HS, i just can’t even tell whats mine anymore…i went to confessions yesterday for the first time in almost 8 years, i’m trying to grow in my faith but these thoughts are just killing me, i have no intention to lose my faith, at all. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me here but i just feel horrible as if i’m using the holy family in these thoughts, if i could rip them out i would, and the priest told me it was okay, that they are not sins because i don’t want them there, but when i don’t pay attention to them they chew at my mind and when i do it’s just chaos, the priest was loving and telling me that God loves me, and i don’t doubt it, i just cant tell my thoughts apart anymore, especially when i get angry, when i relax, these past thoughts come and it’s chaos all over, the priest offered to be my spiritual guide and i said yes instantly, i needed it, but these thoughts, i feel like i have to feel guilty for them, but when i ignore them they chew away at my joy, please help me

i just feel trapped,i don’t mean these thoughts or images, but they leak out when i’m angry but i can’t control them, they have bought me to tears and anger at myself,

I wish i could serve God better and offer him more,he deserves better, i never want him to leave me but these scruples are just a barrier i wish i could tear down

anything is appreciated and thank you

Hi Maria, I can’t offer you much advice on this matter, but I want you to know that you are definitely not alone. I have struggled with a similar thing to what you are describing, and it can be very difficult to tear yourself away from the negativity. But it can happen if you commit to helping yourself.
Most of what I can give is thoughts and prayers. I will include you in my intentions today. May God bless you now and always, and may you be guided by His love and light.

There have been several threads started by other members who have similar experiences. I’m sure you will get some good advice here.

You need to be under the care of competent professional who can help you with OCD and scrupulosity. TALK TO YOUR PRIEST. Do not delay.

Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel. Understand that evil exists spiritually but more importantly our Lord provides protection from this.
Try to avoid immoral environments such as nasty songs; along with most radio and TV broadcasting. There aren’t many media groups that care for your well being so be careful with what their message is.
There are good sources of information, entertainment, and song but in today’s world you have to search for it. Try to find something along these lines that give your mind good thoughts filled with hope and love. Our saints provide real life stories that no acting can replicate. You could start with reading up on some of these precious folk.
Try to concentrate on God’s good creation.
Pray for me too as I will pray for you…

Thanks to you all, yes i will be now meeting with my priest who offered me his help, thank you for the prayers and i will keep you in mines, and yes i listen to mostly christian music and bands, i really am trying, but i need to go more,it’s been staring to cause me chest pain,i am going to contact my perish about the help the priest offered me, he also told me as well to seek a psycatrist because he was worried about this, he was very understanding, even the people in line for the confessional told me it was like talking to Jesus, lol, is name is Father Blessing…name said it all…

Hope your still checking replies~

  1. the prayer to St. Michael is great advice.

  2. Havging a spiritual director is always good

  3. also good advice to see a medical professional especially if you know you have OCD

  4. if you have been prescribed meds for anxiety~ take them.

  5. when all this hits you remember - in scripture it says " it came to pass" It did not come to stay.

You are so young- as you mature both in life and in the faith- you will gain more and more peace.

Yes,I am still checking so the more the better.

Ive read that it’s better to just leave the thoughts, and they happen when I eat, like im about to finish a piece of food and this horrendous thought,almost like a mind throw up happens, this time I just said “No” and just kept eating, then I got all paranoid, this isn’t a sin right? I mean, when I dwell on the thought I get all scruple-y, this time I just kept eating and then it went away,
I am going to seek help, im sorry if this bothers anyone

Have you ever prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy?

You sound like you are doing well~ keep up the “no’s”


There is a doctor near philadelphia, pa. who may offer counsiling by phone.

he has written or was quoted in the national catholic register,

his name is richard fitsgibbons.

i hope this helps

God bless


That’s awesome that your priest’s name is Fr. Blessing. I too have OCD and can relate to much of what you’ve posted. I can’t offer more advice than what’s already been offered, but know that you’re not alone. There are several people her on CAF with OCD and God, along with your Guardian Angel are always with you. :slight_smile:

Maria, scrupulosity isn’t a sin at all so please take the burden of that worry off your shoulders. I’ve gone through all of these thoughts and even worse ones as you could see from all my old posts. Yes a spiritual director is a great idea and a therapist s also a good idea. With OCD it will take some time to learn how to deal with these thoughts better, but it will come.

I pray a chaplet every night because I made that promise to God 2 years ago.
Prayer is like health food to the soul especially during this time


I think the way you handled the thoughts while eating is just fine. You just kept going. It will take time and practice on this.

One suggestion I have is to memorize some Bible verse that really speaks to you and say that to yourself when these thoughts hit. That way you will be filling your mind with something else. Just do it calmly, not in a panic. There is no need to panic, it will just make it worse. Just calmly fill your mind with the Lord’s words that you find helpful.

Hope this helps.

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