Hello I'm new and want to talk

Hello I’m jordan I’ve recently become a catholic andd I am moving to nashville as I feel called I’m moving from England, to a lot of people that sounds crazy, in essence I just wondered if any of you had been called andwondered if you woulld shares in the experiencei

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Hi Jordan,

Can I ask why do you feel like you have been called to Nashville inparticular? Have you been before? Seen/ read about a Catholic missionary / community there?

Hi Jordan!
Catholics usually use the word “Called” to mean they are called to a vocation, such as priesthood, religious life, or marriage. Occasionally someone will say they feel called to a particular type of ministry, such as called to preach the gospel, or to work with deliverance ministries, or to volunteer as a catechist at their church, or to go volunteer at a mission.

We don’t usually say we’re “called” to move somplace unless it’s for one of the above type reasons.

Is there some reason why you’re going to Nashville in particular? School, work, religious life, someone with whom you’re in a relationship?

When ever I felt off when I became catholic it was when I wasn’t concentrating on Nash, I felt happy and relieved when I decided to move and it was when I became a catholic that this begann. It’s like I have to go and be there it’s in my guts and I feel like where I need to move

I would suggest visiting first and getting a real feel for the place before moving. If you are free and single a move is obviously easier and less disruptive.

I know quite a few people who have moved countries and it hasn’t lived up to the notion in their head of what they thought it would be like. The climate at the moment would also mean that if we are in and out of lockdowns you are potentially going to feel very lonely in a new country, which may be a consideration for you.


Thank you very much for the consideration, I have factored that and my friend is going to

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Nashville is a fun place! What is drawing you towards Nashville in the first place?

I’ve never felt a call like you’re describing, but I wish you the best when you get there.

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Okay, I hate to be a buzzkill, but Nashville is an extremely dangerous city with a foolishly high crime rate. Whenever I drive through there I’m always very careful. Within two blocks you could find yourself in a hardcore ghetto. So go for it, do whatever you wish-but please careful.

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Oh please! Nashville, like every other large American city, has its more dangerous areas. However, having lived downtown - near the State Capital for years (moved in Sept) - I can assure you it’s safe: Downtown, The Gulch, all around Vandy and West End, much of East Nashville now, the Wedge, 12 Ave, Music Row… I’ve been out late, walked home late well over a mile without any feeling of insecurity. If worried, Lyft and Uber are everywhere. Good food, good night life, lots of things to do from music (classic to Rock and Roll, to Country to Jazz, to Blues, etc.) to museums to sports.

I will say other than around Vandy, it’s not the prettiest of cities.

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Okay! Glad you like it!

Safer than a grand total of 3% of other cities.

Indeed…the vast majority of American cities are nowhere near the size of Nashville. See this list of safe “cities” - to even talk about Nashville and these in the same post is assinine. Black lies, white lies and statistics.
Here are the 10 safest cities in America for 2020.

  • Broadview Heights, Ohio.
  • Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
  • Oakland Township, Michigan.
  • Ridgefield, Connecticut.
  • Bergenfield, New Jersey.
  • New Castle Town, New York.
  • Franklin, Massachusetts.
  • Bedford Town, New York.

More items…

Jul 7, 2020


100 Safest Cities in America | SafeWise


Tennessee has 2 cities with over 500,000 thousand people - and Nashville is the safer of the two. Otherwise, sure…compare it to cities of 3,000 or even less…

I don’t know but I know itss somewhere I wanna be something with music culture maybe caught my eye also

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Did you watch a show about Nashville or hear something amazing about it? You seem to feel it stands out amazingly from all other cities and I am curious about your source. You may want to be sure it’s very reliable. I think Nashville is a pretty typical American city. Nothing wrong with it - I had family that used to live there. But I’ve never heard of someone moving from another country SPECIFICALLY for Nashville… :thinking:

Thank you for your opinion, altho disagreed you hold a valid point that people must be careful

No just feltthat way it was strange

Thanks bud! Good luck with your new life!!!

at 45 out of 100 among cities >25,000

You don’t like or are afraid of big cities, that’s the issue.

Being “called” means you have a mission. Are you going to serve others? Nashville needs help. They are a great city to visit for tourists. But much like tourist cities they put out a lot of propaganda about their “culture”. As a country fan who saw Garth Brooks play in Nashville before he was famous I can assure you it is not as advertised. There is much poverty, lots of crime, and a culture that one would not describe as Holy. Why does someone from the UK feel drawn to this particular US City? Beware false advertising and marketing.

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Welcome to the U.S.A.! (When you arrive, anyway!).

I think that the “American” way of saying it would be “I feel led to move to Nashville” rather than “I feel called to move to Nashville.”

A “calling” usually refers to a career or vocation or ministry; e.g., “I believe I am called to be a pastor,” or “I feel called to run for public office.”

When someone is “led,” it means that they have a strong feeling that they should be doing or saying something; e.g., “I feel led to call my father tonight,” or “I feel led to get involved with the music ministry in my church,” or “I feel led to give $50 to my parish food drive.”

Both being called and being led could be attributed to God’s working in our lives and speaking to us. But a calling has a more “permanent” feeling to it, while “being led” is just day-to-day life activities or decisions that may or may not have a permanent ramification.

Anyway, hope you like American country music–lots of it in Nashville! But also lots of other styles of music.

And do be careful–ask the locals, perhaps the bartender, or a storekeeper, about whether a neighborhood or area of the city is safe–they’ll let you know.

Wishing you all the best!

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