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Jordan, I have to caution you that it’s very hard to be Catholic in some areas of the country. And Nashville is one of the hardest.

According to the Pew Research Center, Evangelical Christians make up 52 percent of Nashville’s population. The Diocese of Nashville reports that 3.4 percent of the population is Catholic.

I grew up in Oklahoma, which currently has a evangelical population of of 47 percent The Catholic population is 8 percent. (Bother figures are from the Pew Research Center.) As a Southern Baptist, I was taught to proselytize Catholics.

I moved to New Jersey in 1989 and was received into the Church in 1990 in a New Jersey parish. According to Gallup, 46 percent of New Jersey’s population is Catholic. I find it much easier to be Catholic in New Jersey than in the Bible Belt.

I know that England has a tiny Catholic population. But are there social pressures against Catholicism?

God bless you!

@Tis_Bearself: The Holy Spirit guided me to the Catholic Church. I regard my experience as a calling. :wink:

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I have relatives in Nashville, TN. Keep in mind that public transportation is very very basic compared to England and that summers are gonna be very hot and humid compared to England. There is also the occasional tornado.

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This is a really good point. If you don’t drive, then you are best off in a city with very good public transportation. The US has very few of those, New York City being the best one. It is nothing like England or Europe in general that have a ton of options for non-drivers to get around. In a place like Nashville, you will likely be needing to drive or spend money on Uber just to go to the grocery store. There may be some walkable neighborhoods, but in the US “walkable” often means you can walk to some restaurants, bars and convenience stores; often places like the grocery store, hardware store, WalMart etc are not within easy walking distance, and depending on where you are there might not even be pedestrian paths. Bicycle may be an option but it can be dangerous to ride regularly in traffic (I have two friends who were serious, middle-aged, regular cyclists and both of them ended up getting hit by cars and seriously injured) and you’re limited in how much groceries, etc you can carry on a bike.

Also, if you’re moving to USA, have a plan for how you’re going to get health care if you need it. People are expected to have health insurance. It’s not like UK.

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I’ve moved this to spirituality, as that seems to be what this is . . .

Thank you, I apoligy for my wrong pharse

Eyy, buddy, glad for welcomr. I just feel like NashvilleTennessee also works music wisei

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Will do buddy thank

Frankly, for the music, I’d pick Memphis over Nashville. A lot more authentic, IMO.
Perhaps you can help support the Nashville Dominicans. They are a bright star in an (again, IMO) otherwise troubled city.

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