"Hello, It's the Pope": Francis Calls Student


How can you not LOVE this Pope!! Makes me wish that I had written to him too!!

Thank God for this gift to the Church.

He’s such a people Pope. Love it.
Wish he’d call me and say Hello :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome XD

He must be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT to get the kids to “talk” on the phone :wink: .

I would have to resort to texting. :smiley:

Bless our Pope.

Bless the Holy Church.

Francis is just full of surprises. :slight_smile: It’s neat to see him reaching out in these ways.

Sort of like the boy last year whose dad took him to work with him because the President of the United States was going to tour the place of business. The boy told the President that he had skipped school that day and would probably be in trouble. So the President wrote the boy an excuse in his own handwriting “(The boy’s name) was with me.” Signed Barack Obama. That would sure get the teacher’s attention!:slight_smile:

I’d rather get a phone call from the Pope than a letter from the president (or the prime minister). :yup:

Ditto! This man is a blessing from God.

The Church has been blessed with many good Popes, each with their own unique talents to give to the Church. John Paul II was a great philosopher, Benedict XVI a great scholar, and now we have Pope Francis who shows us how to live the faith in the style of Saint Francis.

This is very true - and I think it is Pope Francis’ unique presentation of that style which has made the world sit up and take notice. The secular press just don’t know what to do him! :smiley:

He has shown us that he will carry on the way he started…

Me too. Just saying it’s not every day one gets a phone call or a letter from someone famous. The former pastor of our parish got an unexpected call one day from the Apostolic Nuncio asking him if he would take the position of Bishop of Bismark, N.D. Was a bit of a surprise and shock for him!:cool:

That was mighty awesome of him. :slight_smile:

Then there are those who are seemingly foaming at the mouth about “promotion politics”/stuff at “the Vatican.” They somehow think that if all cardinals just stopped calling each other Eminence that all the “corruption” (whatever of it there may be) would all just go away. Funny stuff. People who are so corrupt as to live double lives are rarely in it for traditional titles.

[LEFT]VATICAN CITY – A word of warning to those who write personal notes to Pope Francis: He might just call you back.
Francis has charmed the masses with his informal style, simplicity and sense of humor – and a handful of strangers have gotten the treatment up close, receiving papal phone calls out of the blue after writing him or suffering some personal tragedy.
After another random phone call from the pope this week, Italy’s leading Corriere della Sera daily offered etiquette tips for the lucky recipients, proposing conversation starters and no-go areas on its front page Friday.
Topping the list: Be ready, especially if the land line rings.[/LEFT]


God bless our Pope; we are so blessed. He is touching us all with these kind gestures
to the “regular Joe”


what’s his address?

LOL…maybe we could send a collective letter from CAF and he’d post to the post.
I’m sure he has plenty of free time to do so!

Dear Pope
We would love to hear from you. Just start an account and post once :smiley: I’ll take a blessing too.

that would be good, too. But, seriously, what’s his address should I want to send him a note?

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