Hello-need some input-fast!


Hi, hate to jump right in but I need some advice.:o My husband’s brother and uncle have become convinced that christians are bad and we are going to hell if we do not use the sacred names of God and Jesus (in Hebrew, Yahweh and Yeshua) after receiving knowledge of them. :eek: They read The Scriptures, which is the bible, although I’m not suppose to use this word either with the threat of hell. I am constantly reminding him that the Catholic Church is not satan, we do not worship idols, we do not put Mary above Jesus or God and that Catholic means UNIVERSAL. They have also read and use the information in the book Fossilized Customs by Lew White. I read it, I found it to be kind of out there, okay way out there. I am well aware of the accusations of paganism, but I feel I’m smart enough and believe in my faith enough that I don’t or won’t fall for the bull this man spews. I believe they are sort of caught up in the Sacred Name Movement, I’ve been doing lots of research on this and find it quite interesting. My concern lies with in the entire family relationship. I believe that my brother-in-law lost a very important lady in his life because of his way of thinking (which I’m not sure but I’m thinking his uncle does his thinking for him). I have compared my Catholic Bible to their book, The Scriptures and find it is saying the same thing. I have talked with his now ex-and she couldn’t believe the things that I could explain to her. She told me that if she questioned anything about why he believed in something or asked for more (she’s Catholic or at least used to be) she was questioning her faith in her Creator and it was a sin. I had a similar question posed to me by my husband, does all this research and reading make your faith any more in your Creator? I told him no, it just solidifies my beliefs.
Their mother has been through a rather horrible situation because of thier father. He had affairs, tried to control her thoughts and her eating, even to the point he told her what her favorite color was. She has divorced him, she gained 300 pounds and can’t find a job, he pays her alimony but it isn’t enough. She was expected to be at home, no job while married and he took care of her during, the divorce he was cunning enough to hide almost everything and she basically received nothing. Her sons pay quite a few of her bills and my brother-in-law sees fit to use this as a way to make her adhere to his beliefs. She loved going to her church which is Baptist (she grew up Catholic), and enjoyed the comfort that the people gave her there. It has recently been let out of the bag, actually in my home during a lecture by my brother-in-law to my mother-in-law, that christians are evil, the church is no good and she needs to use the Sacred names or else she is going to hell.:confused: I wanted to let him have, but my husband asked me not to say anything, so I had to leave the house I was so mad. Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach this subject, my mother-in-law has asked for us all to get together to discuss this matter because she isn’t confident to do it herself. I don’t want to end up in a huge family argument. But also need help myself because I have many bible passages and info on languages but I don’t know how to explain it in a way that will make sense. I’m afraid of just letting him know I think him and his uncle are steps away from sounding like a cult and that it is a shame that his mother fears going to church because of them. :mad:
Also does any one have any info that could be of any use about the Institute for Scripture Research, LTD and Lew White the author of Fossilized Customs?
Thank you and sorry for such a long and drawn out question!!:o


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