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My name is Nicole. I haven’t been on this forum for quite some time ( have been VERY VERY busy finishing my nursing degree ) but am just rounding the corner and had soem free time so here I am to ask a question.
I have always felt very called to have a large family. I myself come from 6 children ( 5 living ) and have always known I would have 6 children. When I say known I mean it is something I have talked about since I was a little girl. I always referred to my future children as my little “half dozen” If you are familiar to my story, then you might know that i am awaiting my annulment from my previous somewhat arranged marriage. I spoke to them the other day and it is just about finished. I had always known that I wanted more children (I have 3 already ) but was afraid that it would be a problem to have my 6 because I have had 3 c-sections. I must add here that my future husband did not want to have anymore children and was perfectly content to use NFP and never conceive again. although would be happy with a surprize baby he had no intention of trying for one. I prayed and prayed that God would put in my fiance’s heart the need and want to have more children, and just yesterday a family friend of ours gave birth. We went to go see the baby and my fiance was absolutely moved to almost tears saying he ached to hold another infant of his own. =) Recently however I was diagnosed with a hormonal embalance. I also might have polystic ovarian syndrom. I am going next week to get on medication. The medicine that I might be starting is Clomid. It is supposed to regullate my progesterone, but it is also used as a fertility treatment. I guess my Q would be is it against our religion for me to use this ,medication?? and for me to get pregnant on it?? It increases the risk of having twins and triplets so was this the feeling I always had that i would have my half dozen?? or is it against God’s will for me to be on this medication. Again, we are not using it to become pregnant, simply using it to regulate my progesterone because it is VERY low. Also, I will have been on this medication a few months before my fiance and I have our marriage blessed byt the vatholic church because i am still waiting for my anuulment. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I would ask my family but they are not as religious as they once were and have really lost the wisdom they used to have.
Thank you!


As far as I know, using Clomid is not against Church teaching, even if you were using it to achieve pregnancy. :slight_smile:

This is from the Vatican (bolding mine):

  1. Certainly, techniques aimed at removing obstacles to natural fertilization, as for example, hormonal treatments for infertility, surgery for endometriosis, unblocking of fallopian tubes or their surgical repair, are licit. All these techniques may be considered authentic treatments because, once the problem causing the infertility has been resolved, the married couple is able to engage in conjugal acts resulting in procreation, without the physician’s action directly interfering in that act itself. None of these treatments replaces the conjugal act, which alone is worthy of truly responsible procreation.

And this is from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (bolding mine):

Technologies Compatible with Catholic Teachings:

  1. Observation of the naturally occuring sign(s) of fertility (Natural Family Planning). Time intercourse on the days of presumed (potential) fertility for at least six months before proceeding to medical interventions.(2)
  1. General medical evaluation of both spouses for infertility.
  1. Post-coital test to assess sperm number and viability in “fertile type” mucus. These tests are undertaken after normal intercourse.
  1. Appropriate evaluation and treatment of male factor deficiency. Seminal fluid samples can be obtained from a non-lubricated, perforated condom after normal intercourse.
  1. Assessment of uterine and tubal structural competence by imaging techniques (e.g., ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram, etc.).
  1. Appropriate medical treatment of ovulatory dysfunction.
  1. Appropriate (usually surgical) correction of mechanical blocks to tubal patency (the state of being open).

If tubal function cannot be restored, transfer of an ovum past the point of blockage into the uterine cavity – “low tubal ovum transfer” (LTOT) preceded by normal intercourse during the fertile phase. In England, this procedure is called NEST (normal egg sonographic transfer).


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