Hello !


Hello Everyone :tiphat:,
This is my first post. I found you all quite by accident (or maybe Providence). For the longest time I’ve been frequenting other forums, but the arguments always seem to be too discouraging. What I’ve been praying for is a forum site like this… devoted to spirituality and God’s Love.

I’ve been reading many past posts - and it will take me time to go through them. Already, I’ve read answers to questions that have been on my mind for quite a while. Meanwhile, I just want to thank you all for participating here.

Your intentions will be added to my morning Rosary.


Hi yourself. :wave:

I hope you find everything your looking for here.


Another :wave: Welcome!

Every forum has it’s moments, but overall this place is very peaceful. Glad you found it. Thank you also for the prayers!

Saint&Sinner we are neighbors. If you ever get to St. Georges say hi. My husband is the deacon that looks like Santa Clause :smiley: Deacon Stan. OH I know if you get to our Middle Eastern Food Festival Oct 5,6,&7, be sure to say hello.


Welcome and in my prayers.:slight_smile:


You have found yourself inside a house of illusions andiory masks to conceal a darker truth. There is nothing inside this place worthy of time except the victims wandering confused through here.


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