Apologies if this is the wrong place, I didn’t see an introduction forum! But I hate to just jump in without introducing myself!

My husband and I are new converts to Catholicism as of this Easter vigil. I’m 24, he’s 28, and we have two daughters- our oldest is 5 and the little one is 21 months. We live in Indiana, my husband works shipping at a pork manufacturer, and I work part-time in supported living services (aiding adults with mental and physical disabilities in day to day life). Our conversion is a mystery to most people who know us, I was agnostic and my husband was a vocal anti-Christian atheist! But the birth of our second daughter (who has special needs stemming from a massive stroke she suffered in the womb) brought us to God and then to the Catholic Church.

At any rate, nice to meet you, and apologies again if I put this in the wrong place! I post on mothering.com under the same name, someone linked to this forum in our Catholic mamas thread :smiley:



Welcome HOME!! :thumbsup: I am a convert as of Easter’05. :smiley: I also live in Indiana and I used to work in the field of disablitities! I was a caregiver in a waiver setting, then a supervisor, then a secretary. I recently left (only 3 months ago) to stay home because I didn’t have anyone to care for my kids. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the one True Church. This is a great forum. Many helpful people. :thumbsup:


Howdy. Welcome to the forum and enjoy. There are many super nice folks here who will help support your walk in faith.


Welcome Katie!
I’m sorry you had to go through so much with your second daughter, but it sounds like she is very much a blessing bringing you here.

Congratulations and welcome home. :slight_smile:


Welcome and congratulations! :wave:


Thank you for the welcomes!

I’m sorry you had to go through so much with your second daughter, but it sounds like she is very much a blessing bringing you here.

Indeed she is! Years ago if you said I’d have a baby lose over half her brain and it would bring me to God, I would’ve said you were a nut! (She’s doing great, btw! We’ve been blessed, she’s delayed in motor skills and speech but otherwise doing fantastic, she’s such a joy, and so is her big sister!)

AmberDale, what part of Indiana are you in? I’m NW of Lafayette and we attend St. Joseph’s in Delphi.


Welcome home! We’re so glad that you came to the Catholic Church.
You say it was your daughter who brought you back through her illness…what happened (if you’d like to share)?


WELCOME HOME!!! and welcome to the Forums…


I’m from Anderson, about 2 hours from Lafayette (I think it) I attend St. Ambrose parish. (So we are in the same diocese, w/ Bishop Higi) :smiley:


Sure! I typed this up for another forum awhile ago :smiley:

I was raised loosely non-denominational Protestant. We didn’t go to church regularly but if we asked to go my mom took us, and the baby-sitter we had most of our early childhood was very religious (7th day adventist). I had a very hard childhood (my father was extremely abusive in all ways) and I completely turned my back on God when I was around 14 (after briefly being “born again”) I went through a lot of religions trying to find one, Wiccan/paganism mostly. A year or so before we decided to convert I also went to a Tibetan Buddhist center quite a bit (which I loved, and there’s a lot of parallels with Catholicism). Dh had been raised without religion until his father died when he was around 12, then his mother started going to a very fundamentalist Baptis church. Quite celebrating Halloween because it was “the Devil’s day” and handed out Chic tracts, all of that. So dh became extremely anti-religion, especially anti-Christian because of the drastic change in his mother. It got worse when she was diagnosed with cancer and she died when he was 16. I think he felt like religion robbed him of his mother and took advantage of her when she was extremely vulnerable.

I was always pretty spiritual, I never really truly believed there wasn’t a God. I was just very angry and I also had my self-worth demolished by my “father,” so I think in many ways it was defensive. I felt that no one, not even God could love me, and it was less painful to say He didn’t exist than to accept that He might not love and forgive me.

Our second daughter’s birth was very traumatic. It was supposed to be a peaceful homebirth and I ended up with another c/s. She had seizures and we found out she had had a massive stroke at some point during the pregnancy and suffered severe brain damage from it (she lost just over 50% of her brain mass). With our history, you’d think it would’ve cemented for us that there could be no God (or at least no loving God) but really it had the opposite effect. I remember being in the NICU with her when she was still sedated from all the medication, I hadn’t even been able to hold her, and they were preparing us for the possibility that if she lived she might be in a persistent vegetative state her entire life. It’s hard to describe, but while on one hand I’ve never felt so alone, I also just had this strong under current of calm and assurance and I just knew that we would be okay. Once I was sitting by her and an older nun came up (it’s a Catholic hospital) and didn’t say anything, she just smiled and placed her hands on my head. I never saw her again but it was exactly what I needed at that time. It was confusing to me at the time, but during her stay, I really felt the presence of God and angels and I know it’s the only reason I made it through those two weeks without losing my mind.

A lot of things that might be coincidence but seemed like divine intervention to us happened. When my labor had stalled out after over 2 days of labor and our midwife urged me to go to the hospital (she had also picked up quite a few decelerations in Riley’s heart beat) the local hospital, which is usually pretty empty, had no room. So we had to go an hour away, which was a blessing because the local hospital is small and has no NICU, while Home Hospital has one of the best in the state (had she been born in our town, she would’ve had to been life-lined and her brain damage could’ve been even worse). We normally live paycheck to paycheck, and within a week of her being born we literally had thousands of dollars come our way so dh could take more time off of work and we could still pay our bills (she was in the NICU for two weeks). 2500K of this came because 2 days after we brought her home, dh took a different way home than normal (he had taken our oldest daughter to get some videos) and got pulled over for speeding. They found he had an old warrant (failure to appear in court when he was 19, which is another story) and arrested him. He was taken 2 hours away and of course I was an emotional wreck. My baby had just come home from the hospital and now my husband was in jail. Thankfully it all worked out and he had that large chunk of money from when he had had bond posted years ago.


Part II

Later on dh told me that when Riley was born, he had begged God to spare her and let him take the fall, and promised to become Catholic if she was okay (dh had always said if he ever did become religious he’d be Catholic because he thought it was the only one that made sense). After he was arrested he felt that was him taking the fall for her and started visiting the priest (but he didn’t tell me about all of that till later). Now, I know that God doesn’t work like that, He doesn’t make deals. But I also know that God will reveal Himself to us in many ways, and knowing my husband, I think that was really the only thing that would’ve worked. I know that things would’ve happened the way the did regardless of what my husband said, even if he screamed and cursed God, but the way it happened was what he needed to allow himself to open up to God.

My husband really jumped full on into it, he knew from the get go this was what he wanted, but it was much harder for me. I did feel God working in me and knew I was being called back to being a Christian, but I didn’t know much about Catholicism (well nothing good or true, anyway!) and in my late teens and early 20’s I was extremely liberal (I even went to the pro-choice march in Washington DC years ago!) so the Church kind of stood for everything I’d been against. It certainly hasn’t been an easy road for me. It would’ve been much easier for me to shop around till I found a church that said what I wanted it to say. But that would also be intellectually dishonest for me. I read church history books and studied what Jesus had to say, and it was pretty obvious from the start that the Catholic Church was the one founded by Jesus. If I believed that, I had to believe she was who she said she was and spoke with authority and was guided by the Holy Spirit. I realized that Ic couldn’t twist my religion to fit my desires, I had to find the Truth and then mold myself to that. I still struggle with some of the Church’s teachings, especially on homosexuality (my brother and my mother are both gay) but I also have faith that the things I can’t understand in this life will make sense in the next, when I can see the whole picture. This journey has required an immense amount of humbling on my part, but I’m thankful for every moment of it!


wow! your story really touched my heart! I’m in teers.

I really don’t know what to say, but wow! You and your husband sound like wonderful people. God has special plans for your family. I have a feeling that your whitness will lead other’s to the church.

wow, not too many things move me the way your story has.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! Wow! :smiley:


hug Thank you both!


Thank you for sharing your story with us. What great faith you have won, at such a price. We are so happy you all came HOME! And welcome to CAF!! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Welcome!! I converted back in the nineties and feel that I am home too!
Your story really touched my heart. I feel that you will be a vessel of the Lord to lead many more people to HIM. Again Welcome!!


Cherry, thank you for sharing your story. I’m sitting here in tears! I’m so glad that you and your family have found us here, and are willing to be a witness to all of us. Bless you.


Wow, what an amazing story!
I love hearing conversion stories, especially ones like yours that show how the Catholic Church is the one true one.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome and may God continue to bless all your family.

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