helo…my first question is about rapture? evangelical pastors are always boosting about this event or soo…can you expalin to me the truth of this teaching?t.y.:slight_smile:

Have you read this article:


I was wondering about the rapture myself recently and found that article really answered my questions so I thought I’d post it.

A very helpful link; thanks for posting it.

A Look at the “Rapture” theory

A look at Matt 24:37-39,When we compare the text of Matthew to that in the gospel of Luke The answer to this question is no.

The assumption made here by many Protestants. is that the man taken from the field and the woman taken from the mill were true believers “caught up” at the secret rapture. The two people left behind, then, were not believers.

Many Christians believe that this text applies to the destruction of Jerusalem by Roman armies in the first century, [as most of chapter 24 does] not to the close of the age. But even if we grant that it refers to the “end times,” we need only read again the words introducing this scenario to see the flaw in a rapture interpretation. “As were the days of Noah . . . the flood came and swept them all away” (Matthew 4:37, 39).

In the days of Noah, who was “taken” (“swept … away”), and who was “left”? The wicked were taken away in judgment by the flood waters, and the righteous (Noah and his family on the ark) were left behind in safety. If the rapture teachers are correct in thinking that this passage applies to the close of the age, then it would seem to prove the opposite of what they teach about who gets taken and who gets left behind.

Yet even if we should allow that Jesus is saying the righteous will be the ones taken and the wicked will be left, then the passage still fits the Second Advent scenario we have de-scribed: When Christ returns, publicly and in clouds of glory, the righteous will be caught up to meet Him as He descends to earth, while the wicked remain to await His imminent judgment. No secret, invisible, “extra” coming of Christ is depicted here:eek:

ref: catholic apologetics information

any evangelical violent reaction out there??ur free to do soo…just kidding…:smiley:

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